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Re: Hermione & Neville: In the Spotlight...or on the Spot?

I'm offering another report from the campaign trail, another glimpse into our candidates' lives and family:

I got Hermione’s permission to visit her parents and have a chat with them about their feelings concerning their daughter running for office. The home was a modest one in a nice section of London. As we sat down, Hermione’s mother offered me a glass of water (sugary drinks rot your teeth) and brought out a vegetable tray instead of sweet biscuits (crunchy raw veggies help clean plaque from your teeth).

“You seemed very focused on teeth. I mean, I understand that it is your profession, but it almost seems to be and obsession,” I began.

Her parents smiled with their perfectly white even teeth. “Perhaps, but teeth are very important. Everyone should take good care of their teeth. It’s easy if you just think about it, but most people don’t.”

“How did you feel about Hermione having her teeth fixed by the school nurse after that spell that made them grow?”

Their smiles died as her father replied, “We had specifically told her that she needed to wait to have those fixed until she stopped growing. I can understand her impatience, but we weren’t happy that she did that. However, that is past.”

“Were you happy when you learned she was a witch?”

They shrugged and Mrs. Granger answered, “Hermione is unique and we have always felt—and taught her—that she should embrace all her gifts. Her magical abilities are no more or less important than her intelligence. She seems to be happy working in that world but she visits us frequently and we work around it with explanations to family and friends. We still don’t really understand how that could happen or where she got that ability, but she has it. It’s just a part of her.”

“It didn’t frighten you when you first learned?” I probed.

They exchanged a puzzled glance before her father echoed, “Frightened? Why would we be frightened? It was simply an ability she had. An unusual one, to be sure, but simply part of our daughter. We were slightly concerned at first about how to help her develop this ability, but once McGonagall explained about the school teaching her all about it, we knew she’d be fine.”

I was pleased by their lack of concern and prejudice. Obviously, they weren’t at all like the Dursleys, even if they didn’t seem to show a great deal of interest in the wizarding world.

“How did you feel when Hermione told you she was marrying a wizard and going to live in the wizarding world instead of the muggle one?”

“That is what happens with girls. They leave their parents’ home to go to their husbands. It’s not like she’s living on Mars,” Mrs. Granger laughed. “She and Ron and their children visit us often. In fact, we have been seeing them very frequently lately as the two get so busy with their campaigns. Hermione has always talked with us about social issues that plague both worlds and tried to come up with common solutions to as many as possible. Now we hope that she will be able to have even more of a hand in helping to implement those solutions for the betterment of both worlds.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of her,” her father agreed. “She is making a difference in both worlds.” He grinned. “I remember how horrified she was when she learned there was no University for wizards. I’m sure that will be an early priority if she is elected.”

“You don’t think she has lost touch with the muggle world?”

“How could she? We visit frequently and talk about all the current events of both worlds and how they impact each other. I don’t know how she finds the time to do it all, but she is extremely well informed of events occurring locally in both the wizard and muggle worlds as well as what is happening in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world,” Mr. Granger replied indignantly.

“Yes,” added Mrs. Granger. “She obviously has a great deal of interest in the world her parents and other family members inhabit.”

“Do you think her early good showing in the polls is an indication that she will be elected?”

“It’s still early. I wouldn’t count that as a done deal until the only poll that counts is done. Hermione is too smart to take that for granted, so she’ll continue working hard until and far after the election.”

“What do you think of her running mate?”

“We haven’t talked to him too much, but he seems like a good boy. He and Hermione share many goals and work well together as far as we can tell. I did notice that he takes very good care of his teeth, so I’m sure he’ll take great care of the country,” Mr. Granger assured.

I refrained from rolling my eyes, and hurried on to my next question. “Do you hope Hugo and Rose have magical abilities?”

“They will have their own unique abilities and we will do whatever we can—as will their parents—to help them develop those abilities, be they magic, intelligence, charm, what have you.”

I was rapidly seeing where Hermione got her practical side. Her parents were both very practical about accepting the world as it was…although they did have a certain zeal for the things they felt were important…such as teeth.

“What would you like to see as a central platform of your daughter’s administration with Neville?”

“Oh, I agree with her that education is important. And better health, especially oral health, of course,” her father quickly answered.

“And global cooperation. If wizards from all around the world can cooperate, they can help influence their muggle counterparts to do the same. She is very keen on finding solutions that will benefit both sides, and that is very important to us all, obviously.”

“Is there anything you’d like the wizarding world to know about your daughter?”

“She is intelligent, hard-working, strong, compassionate and takes good care of her teeth. She will do her very best and I don’t think either world could ask for a better leader.”

“Some have accused her of being bossy and dictatorial. How would you reply to that?”

Jean smiled. “When she first learned she was a witch, she was so afraid that she would not be as good as other witches and wizards because she didn’t know anything about magic. She was so insecure that she often came across as bossy, when she was actually afraid. She studied all summer, all manner of books. I can’t recall the number of trips we made to Diagon Alley that summer to buy more books for her so she’d feel prepared. Now, she knows that she is as good as anyone and better than some at magic. She is smart, secure and has no more need to prove herself to anyone. I don’t know of anyone who has seen her lately who would call her bossy.”

“Except for poor Ron,” Mr. Granger laughed. “That boy can’t win against her. But then, what man can win against his wife?” he asked with a wink.

“Are you implying I bully you?” Jean asked in as intimidating a manner as possible.

“What is it the Americans say? I plead the third?”

I laughed. “I believe that’s the fifth,” I corrected.

Mr. Granger nodded. “Yes, I think you’re right.”

I came away from that visit with a profound sense that, although the Grangers were not very demonstrative, they were very supportive and had great confidence in their daughter. They knew she would be good for both worlds and would govern in a manner that would benefit both, for she was well prepared in many areas…and she took care of her teeth.


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