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Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione Granger / Neville Longbottom for Minister for Magic

Hermione, I have found the perfect spot for our university. Tyneham, in Dorset, is an abandoned village that has access by sea and land. It will not only provide a living space for students, professors and other employees of the university and area for the university/research buildings, but also a revenue stream and excuse for high turnover of population.

See, it was an old English village with little in the way of modern amenities when the people were forced to abandon it by order of the (muggle) Ministry of Defense. They turned it into a firing range for the muggle instruments of war, like tanks and such.

After the war, the government refused to allow the people to return as they had promised, and purchased the land. They continued using it for war training, demolishing many of the remaining buildings.

Then some of the muggles began demonstrating and demanding it be returned to the people. The muggle ministry compromised and restored the church (St. Mary’s) and the schoolhouse and now allow muggle tourists to visit on weekends, when the guns stop the shelling.

pics of Tyneham:    



I’ve spoken to Kingsley and he thinks he can convince the muggle Prime Minister to allow us to buy this land as long as we promise to restore the village and keep the area preserved in terms of the farmland and such. A big fear is that the remaining buildings will be knocked down and turned into a large mechanically farmed agricultural area and the history will be lost. Who could want to demolish this?

Or plow under all of this beauty?:    



We need to do something to help preserve this, and I think our university plans, if tweaked a bit, could fall in with this perfectly. Please go out there as soon as you can and let me know what you think.

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