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Re: Harry Potter & Ron Weasley; The Dream Team For Minister of Magic

A Little Background (Click Arrow to Read):    

A Message From Harry:
Experience, dedication, honesty, creativity and loyalty: these are more than mere words to me. I am Harry James Potter and if elected as Minister of Magic, I will make these qualities more than just ideals; they will be the reality behind my efforts.

I have worked for many years with the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, in reforming the Ministry of magic. During that time I became head of the Auror Department, a position I still hold. Upon the defeat of Voldemort, the Ministry was in great disarray, and I, together with the Minister and other employees, made great strides in cleaning up the Ministry, including reorganization of its departments and setting new policies and procedures for a more effective and efficient administrative process. During this process I have learned much about the other departments as we learned to work as a cohesive unit. I feel it is my duty to use the knowledge and skills I have gained through this work and my other various accomplishments to continue the work of our esteemed Minister.

I plan to bring equality to all of the beings within the magical community. I have seen, first hand, the oppression of magical beings, mixed races, and Muggleborn wizards, as well as derogatory treatment of Muggles at the hands of various Ministries and derisive groups in the past. If elected as Minister, I will ensure that past wrongs are righted so that all individuals receive fair and humane treatment, free from systematic prejudice and injustice. I will also ensure the rights and proper conditions for prisoners in Azkaban and that anyone facing imprisonment receives a fair trial. Moreover, I plan to keep an open dialogue and good relations with these communities and to provide educational training to them and other like entities. I will guarantee the proper and effective administration of those departments within the Ministry.

I have the drive, determination, and passion necessary to achieve the goals I have set. I believe that my record shows the fortitude I posses in this regard. I willingly chose to sacrifice my life for the wizarding world in the past due to my genuine love and respect for our community and I would do so again. I have done this because I firmly believe that both the wizard and non-wizard communities are of high value and worth.

My running mate, Ron Weasley, and I possess extensive knowledge of both the Wizarding community and the Muggle community, along with the instincts to know how to use that knowledge. We work exceedingly well together as, I believe, we have proven in our combined efforts against Voldemort. When we, along with Hermoine Granger, were entrusted with this task to destroy the Horcruxes set by my mentor, the late Dumbledore, we worked diligently in order to accomplish that goal. Our dedication to this effort carried us forward until the battle was won. Ron and I will work together and in the same way to ensure that the many goals we wish to achieve for the Ministry are met.

If elected Minister of Magic, I will do everything in my power to ensure a flourishing wizard community where equal rights and fairness are the standard.

A Message From Ron:

My name is Ron Bilius Weasley and it is a great honor for me to serve as Harry Potter’s running mate in the upcoming election. I feel that Harry will make a very good Minister of Magic and I will do everything in my power to assist him in that regard.

Harry and I have known one another for many years and during that time we have endured numerous experiences together. We have dealt with many hardships and celebrated successes as well, but independent of the type of experience, we were always there to support one another. Together with Hermione Granger, we worked hard to defeat Voldemort and expel him from the position of authority he had attained within the wizard world. In the aftermath, the wizarding world was once again in a state of peace and could begin to flourish once more. That experience, together with others, showed us the value of working together as a team and also highlighted how much can be achieved through the joint efforts of equally dedicated persons.

Immediately following my efforts in assisting to defeat Voldemort, I worked with Harry in the Auror Department at the Ministry. Working closely with the Minister and other departments, our efforts were integral to reorganizing and putting innovative plans into action that would assist in improving Ministry procedures and the conditions for those living in our community.

As Harry has indicated, we have many goals we wish to achieve beyond continuing improvements at the Ministry. Among other things, we plan to see that equal rights are obtained for all of those living within our community, guarantee fair trials for those accused of wrongdoing, ensure the requirements of wizard education and training institutions are met so they might run effectively and ensure proper measures are taken to suppress any evil factions from rising and threatening the wizard world at large as they have in the past.

A vote for Harry and me is a vote for a peaceful and thriving wizard world where equality and justice will prevail.

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