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Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Hermione and Neville on Campaign 2008

Map of candidates' visits

One of the most pleasant tasks of the past week has been our effort to visit many different parts of Britain and Ireland and to meet as many witches and wizards as possible.

After all, our world is a small one, and we tried our best to learn more about this amazingly diverse country, and to hear your opinions.

Read a few campaign reports:
Candidates' reports from campaign stops:
Hermione in Abbotsbury - Neville in Oxford - Hermione in Newtown-super-Puddlemere and Neville's follow-up visit - Neville on the isle of Mull

Campaign reports by Den Muggle:
Neville visits a broom factory - Hermione in St Mungo's

some more location pictures:    

campaign bus in Liverpool

picture taken by Neville: flying into Belfast

isle of Mull


Neville's trip to Machester

As joint Ministers, we shall continue to be accessible. We won't just sit in our offices in London, but we'll do our best to visit all parts of the Britai and Ireland on a regular basis. We are not thinking of special 'ministerial events', but a chance to meet people in small groups to have a proper conversation.

We'll make sure that you'll find it easy to approach us in person whenever you feel the need to do so. In a world the size of a small muggle town (in terms of population) you simply have the right to personal access to your government.

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