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Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Hermione Granger on Neville Longbottom

Neville has shown his bravery, courage and fortitude before. He’s shown his intelligence and resourcefulness. But during this campaign, he’s shown depths I’ve never seen before.

Neville deeply values all beings and tries to help everyone. As a professor at Hogwarts, he’s shown his commitment to education. During this campaign, however, I’ve seen his commitment to his own education, to learning how to help others, how to start and to further programs the wizarding world has lacked and needed…sometimes without even knowing it. He has learned and taught us more about plants and the environment.

He has learned of new ways of learning and how to found—and fund—a new type of educational opportunity for the wizarding world at large. He has learned how to work with the international wizarding community and get them to come together for a common goal…even including the British muggle Prime Minister. He has listened to many new ideas and learned how to encourage people to think and learn from their own prejudices…and often, overcome them! Neville has taught all of us on the campaign team never to give up, never to give in to negative feelings or responses, and never to stop trying to change our world for the betterment of everyone whenever and wherever possible. And among all the invaluable things I’ve learned during this campaigning is how large Neville’s squeeing fangirl base is…and why!

Neville, I want to close by saying it has been a true honor campaigning with you and I’m glad we will continue to work together on the Tyneham project (and others, I’m sure). Whether we win or lose this election, I will still feel I have won a great deal in this opportunity to work so closely and learn so much from you.

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