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Ron Weasley
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Re: Harry Potter & Ron Weasley; The Dream Team For Minister of Magic

Policy on Homeschooling
Any witch or wizard who is homeschooled rather than going to a boarding school for Witchcraft and Wizardry (e.g. Hogwarts) and wishes to participate in the Wizarding World in the future must pass a basic aptitude test.

With this policy all home schooled children will have to pass some requirements in order to attain a job that involves magic. It is not in our interest to control people but to make certain that all of those who will be involved in magic have necessary knowledge. The test will not be difficult; the questions will be similar to the curriculum taught for second years at Hogwarts.

Support groups will be a free service to help those that are home schooled. The support group will have textbooks on several courses and tutoring. We understand that not will be educated appropriately, but these people should not have a disadvantage simply because they did not attend a boarding school.

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