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Re: Harry Potter & Ron Weasley; The Dream Team For Minister of Magic

Representation for all Magical Beings
The Department of Magical Beings will also be created. In this department the Ministry of Magic will regularly contact with other magical beings (e.g. goblins, centaurs, merepeople) and have representatives appointed on behalf of each group.

As Ron and I have promised, we will provide equality for all magical beings. The promise also raised another question: how their voices could be heard within the government? Together we decided that, in addition to giving them basic rights, it is also necessary for them to have representation within the Ministry of Magic so that a consensus is met between Wizards and each individual group.

The Department of Magical Beings will be created. In the department, several groups will be formed that will largely focus on one race – whether they be merpeople, giants, centaurs, goblins, house-elves, or werewolves. In each individual group, a representative will be appointed on behalf of the race. The representative will frequently interact with the race and report back to the Ministry. The representative also may also be one of the members of the race for we permit and encourage interaction with them. The Head of the Department will make regular reports to Ron and myself about what each group has been discussing.

This policy is aimed to make sure that there is equal representation for all within the Ministry of Magic. We feel it is our responsibility to let all sentient beings have basic rights that have been denied from them.

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