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Ron Weasley
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Re: Harry Potter & Ron Weasley; The Dream Team For Minister of Magic

Giant Protection
Giants will be granted large areas of land. All witches and wizards are to not have contact with them unless under certain conditions.

There is one issue that Harry and I have noticed has been overlooked: giants. In the past Dumbledore had insisted numerous times that they are endangered due to wizards and we should something about it. With the giant population declining severely, it is time to take action, and Harry and I promise we will do so if elected.

Giants have been dying off because wizards confined them to small areas, forcing several tribes to live with each other. With the tribes being forced to live with each other, fights have occurred at least once every month, leaving many giants dead. Our policy will grant giants more land for the giants where tribes will live on their own. With conflicting tribes separated, we hope that the giants will begin to populate their community once more.

Of course not all giants live in this country. Harry and I are going to visit foreign ministries and reach a decision so that they will see the same from our point of view. It is not our priority to only protect the beings in this country but protect all beings throughout the world.

To further the protection of giants, we will prohibit contact with them for both their safety and ours. Only officials working in the Department of Magical Beings may visit them. Anyone who is in dire need of visiting giants must consult the department. If the department deems that it is a necessary reason to visit them, several officials from the Ministry will accompany him or her and a grant will be written and signed by the Head of the Department of Magical Beings.

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