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Harry Potter
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Re: Harry Potter & Ron Weasley; The Dream Team For Minister of Magic

Habeas Corpus
All beings will be granted habeas corpus, the legal order for any inquiry to determine whether a person has been lawfully imprisoned.

One thing I can clearly remember was the revolt I felt when my godfather, Sirius Black, informed me that he was sent to Azkaban without a trial. I failed to understand what justification there was behind sending a man to prison – one with dementors, no less! – without definite proof that he was guilty. My feelings on the matter have not changed.

Ron and I immediately agreed upon granting habeas corpus to all beings. If one is to be imprisoned, under no conditions shall the person remain in prison without a court agreeing to the punishment even if there is “overwhelming evidence” that indicate that the person has committed the said crime. To sum it up, all those being tried must have the court agree that they are guilty before they are imprisoned.

If this policy is effective, this right will never - regardless of the circumstances the world is in – be taken away. The Ministry of Magic works for the people, not for itself, and that is one quality that will remain the same if Ron and I are elected.

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