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Ron Weasley
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Re: Harry Potter & Ron Weasley; The Dream Team For Minister of Magic

As Harry and I have stressed throughout this thread, we believe in equality for all sentient beings. There is only one thing left to add: wands. When I was in Hogwarts I learned about how it is against the law for house-elves to acquire wands. This law also includes others, such as goblins. I cannot begin to explain what a crime this is against the magical beings. Therefore, if elected, Harry and I will scrap this law and allow all sentient beings to acquire wands if it is in their interests.

Another issue is fair trials. In a previous post we said that all will be granted habeas corpus. In addition to that, all trials are to be fitting with the crime. If this policy had been established when I was an adolescent, then Harry wouldn’t have been in the Wizengamot Court for a small matter such as underage magic. The policy will also include that people have the right to, as many call it, “plead the fifth.” In the court, the accused will be able to confront all witnesses against him or her and the right to not incriminate oneself.

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