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Harry Potter
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Re: Harry Potter & Ron Weasley; The Dream Team For Minister of Magic

Well, it looks like our time is up! I hope you have all enjoyed our thread. With the voting tomorrow, we would like to thank all those running for Minister and all teams for making this a clean, enjoyable race. May the best team win!

Watch The High Quality Video: High Quality Video:

Artist Contributions:    


We would like to give special thanks to everyone below for their contributions:

CreditsMagical Beings Video
“A stranger awaits” X-Ray Dog (
“Wicked things” X-Ray Dog (
“Prisioner of Azkaban Soundtrack” John Williams (

A Better Wizard World Video
“The Artist” X-Ray Dog (

YOU Video
“You” Ten Sharp (
“Potters En Familia” – Marta (
Interviews: Leaky Cauldron Video Gallery

Goals Video
“Mystic Knights” Xray Dog (
“Chamber of Secrets” John Williams (

Challenge Video
"Lily and James" - Rohanelf (
"Molly and Arthur" - Laura Freedman (
"Apassionata" - X-Ray Dog (
"Dark Empire" - X-Ray Dog (
"Hedwig's Theme" - John Williams (
"Harry and Ron" - hito76 (

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