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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

That they show Harry hiding it
There is a deleted scene in the CoS movie where it shows Harry going into that Vanishing Cabinet when the Malfoys go into Borgin and Burkes. That whole scene is in the film's deleted scenes. Its also shown in ABC Family's versions of the movies. I know its a somewhat weak excuse but it is present in the films. Of course only the die hards would know of it. :/ Discontinuity is rather common in book-to-movie adaptions of a series. Atleast minor discontinuity. The only thing they REALLY needed to do in the film series was a bit more Dobby.

Also the whole Checkov's Gun trope Rowling pulls quite a bit of, is gonna be really hard to work with when spanning this many films with different directors. They are trying their best.


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