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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

i just looked at the first ever post on this topic and it dates back to 2005!!!

how time flies eh?

anyway, pet peeves...

i don't really have any per se, apart from in some areas he acting's a bit dodgy with the trio. but then, i can't really argue about that cos they were kids at the time and were still finding their feet. dan, emma and rupert were fantastic in DH1 and have been ever since the 5th film.

i hated that dumbledore changed to being irish. to me, as a kid that just felt really wrong, as in one film you had an english dumbedore, and then the next he's speaking with an irish accent. basic continuity error or what?

i didn't like how hermione and ron were more or less shoved to the side in films 5 and 6. it was all about harry - harry this, harry that - and yes, i know that the books are written from harry's pov nd that harry's the most important character, but in the books his friends always played a more prominent part than theu do in the films.

i really didn't like how lucius tried to kill harry in COS. i mean, come on, he was in hogwarts, he was bound to get caught!!

wasn't a fan about ron's depiction of ron in POA. i don't think alfonso did his research properly. ron acted like such a coward in that film, whimpering when harry was pretending to be a ghost, shrieking when sirius bit his leg.
just becasue ron is not as reckless as harry, that doesn't make him weak.

and i didn't like how ron was all but forgotten in the HBP ending in the astronomy tower. it's supposed to be 'the trio', not 'harry and hermione'.

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