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Re: Re-cast the movies!

Originally Posted by mirrormere View Post
I think Christopher Plummer would have made an excellent Dumbledore.
Woah, that's way out of left field, but having checked out more recent pics of him, I can see where you're coming from... he's got that twinkle in the eye that Harris had. Strange that the last time I saw him in action was as the Klingon General Chang in Star Trek 6!

Dumbledore, along with Snape, is one of the toughest to imagine a replacement for, I don't think anyone could top Richard Harris, with the possible exception of Ian McKellen (who, IMO, should have been Harris' replacement).

I'll throw another one in the mix though, and that's Bernard Hill (King Theoden) who I think could do well in the part now he's got a few more years on him.


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