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Re: Best YouTube videos of Harry Potter - please share your finds

Originally Posted by Verena View Post
Severus Snape - Marauders - Lily - Harry Potter story (books 1-6)
Some really great art work in there, I have to admit!

Actually, my top 2 favourite HP youtube videos are Snape-centric (what a surprise! lol) and I haven't seen them here (might have overlooked them, though, when I was skimming the posts, so apologies if this is a "doublepost"):

Snape as the MTV winner of the greatest HP character of all times by AmeliaEarhart89, with a strong focus on DH2:

I find this exemplary both in composition and editing - which is something I have come to see consistently in AmeliaEarhart89' work.

And this is my other Snape-centric favourite - Hero (Nickelback); a great composition by " dacrazifrog" (even though I am personally not a great Nickleback fan):

I find it a little bit less perfect than AE89's work but it still works for me as an all time favourite

As a general disclaimer I should add that this would probably not be something that people who don't appreciate Snape might enjoy. But it's part of Harry Potter world, so it seems fair enough to post it here

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