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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
Heh, CoS is becoming all therapeutic in its last days.

Just wanted to clear that up for all my Lupin-loving friends who must have been all like "Wha???" I think we've all had our moments of temporary insanity in debates on this forum. That was mine.

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
I also loved that we got more on his background on Pottermore. I only recently got back into using Pottermore and I'm still catching up with all the new material. But this was one of the most touching extras. Their entire generation got the short end of the stick - clearly the result of war.
I cried reading Lupin's story on Pottermore. Really. I did.

We can infer a lot of his background from what JKR writes in the books, and we know he had a lonely childhood. But the bio really fleshed out his isolation and made it real. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be Remus before his arrival at Hogwarts. The biographical information on Pottermore is just bone-chilling, and for me it made complete sense of the depth of his bond with the Marauders.


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