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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
I would have liked to see more of the Wolf Lupin as well; how his people were treated by the WW, the laws for and against them in greater detail would be nice as well. It would have added greater understanding to his actions.

I'm not too sure that Lupin's absence from Harry's life was a loophole as such. It could very well be one of those things that JKR did not design to explain, but I did get an idea that Lupin's story regarding Harry was just what was given in the Books. Absence for 13 years, mild to indifferent inaction for one year, and then falling out of Harry's life again, especially after Sirius died, when Lupin's presence could have comforted Harry.

IIRC Harry wonders rather wistfully that Lupin could have written to him halfway through HBP. But Lupin never bothers. I guess he's got a reason, one probably to do with much insecurity and the fact that he thinks (probably) that Harry of all people would hardly want someone like to him to write to him, but there I feel Lupin erred for he is is blind, blind to the needs of a boy who would have loved to know just a little of his parents and Sirius from a friend of theirs.

Likewise he never bothers to visit Harry in the 10 years before Hogwarts and the two after Harry starts school. I would love to know if there was a reason for that absence, but I fear there wasn't any.
This is speculation, but maybe he was worried about facing Harry with his condition? The book makes it seem as if Dumbledore had to drag him in to teach, and he nearly left his wife and unborn child because he thought they'd be better off without him. He could be afraid of hurting Harry, or afraid that Harry would find out he was a werewolf and think less of his parents for having a werewolf friend.

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