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Re: The Elder Wand

I thought this was a bit confusing as well, but in the end I think I understood. Grindelwald stole the wand from Gregorovitch, so he was the new master of the Elder Wand. DD defeated GW, so he became the new master of the EW, and when Draco disarmed DD he became the new master. It didn't matter that Draco never touched the wand or used it, the wand had still transferred its allegiance to Draco. The EW was then buried with DD. However, when Draco was disarmed by Harry, both Draco's Hawthorn wand and the EW transferred their allegiance to Harry.

However, the part that bothers me now is that since Harry is the Elder Wand's master now, if he's every disarmed in the future (and it doesn't have to be with the EW, any wand!), the EW will recognize that person as its new master, right? Seems a rather simple way to gain control of such a powerful wand.

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