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Originally Posted by GoldenDay View Post
So, if someone, anytime in the future, disarms Harry (or steals his wand?), they'd have control of the EW. Seems pretty easy to me! Although one could argue that no one but the trio really knows that Harry put the EW back in DD's grave, that wouldn't be too hard to guess. And a lot of people know about the Elder Wand's existence now, since Harry announced it to all of Hogwarts during the final duel.
They'd have to defeat Harry, not just take his wand. Though I've reread the scene where Harry takes Malfoy's wand, and I doubt one would call it "defeating him" since it was really Dobby that dropped the chandelier and sprayed him with a face full of glass, harry just took the wands from his hand. Is it anyone's then, since it was a cooperative defeat, or did it become Dobby's? Of course, that would make the line go: Grindewald-Dumbledore-Malfoy-Dobby-Belatrix-Mrs. Weasley. I think that's kind of funny, personally.

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