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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Hopes & Aspirations

Originally Posted by decarus View Post
I don't want the film to only take place over one 24 hour period. I think it could cause pacing issues. That doesn't mean that they won't do it though. I think it is a possibility. It would mean that things were cut from the film though like the conversations with Ollivander and Griphook which happen the day that the trio arrive at Shell Cottage. It was also suggest the cut of Lupin visiting Shell Cottage to share about the birth of his child.

For these reasons i think it is unlikely that the film will be only one 24 hour period, but i do still think it is a possibility even though i don't like it.
Well, we know the Ollivander and Griphook conversations will be included due to the first trailer we had on the HBP DVD.

And assuming the recently released script from DH1 was legitimate, they had planned to have Lupin tell Harry about being Godfather and everything during the wedding, but it was ultimately cut. I suppose they may have just changed it around to fit with the book's version of things though.

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