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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Hopes & Aspirations

Originally Posted by fishorchips View Post
I'm most likely in a tiny minority but I'm actually starting to feel as though I would rather they cut the epilogue altogether, or at least a 19 years in the future epilogue. I don't really have a great desire to see the characters looking older, no matter how well the make-up and effects might be, and I'm sure that between them the filmmakers could come up with a very good ending, showing that they have their whole lives to live in front of them without shoving it down our throats with an epilogue where everything has turned out rosy. What does the epilogue show? That Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione are happily married, that Draco has redeemed himself, that Harry is a good godfather to Teddy and that Harry believes Snape to be the bravest man he ever knew. That can all be hinted at otherwise, obviously not the actual marriage stuff but at least that they're together.

I could edit my last post but I feel like bumping the thread.

I don't mind the epilogue, but it's not the most important thing for me. I don't feel invested in it being very long. I can't imagine it will be.

Originally Posted by adorey1 View Post

it all makes sense to me now.

...although i do wonder whether this whole repetition thing of "you've got your mother's eyes" was planted by Rowling for this exact scene?

in that case, yates really better make sure the snape scenes are well done!

I can't imagine why else the "you've got your mother's eyes" was a theme.

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