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Re: Will The Movies Be Remade Years From Now?

Originally Posted by MsJPotter View Post
They are? You mean there are no people in Hollywood, Bollywood, the UK and other parts of the fim making world who get commissioned to do scripts?
Don't try to insult my intelligence. There are staff writers and those who are commissioned but they cut their teeth doing stuff on spec. It's just the way writing works.

Producers and directors just sit around waiting for 'the' script to come in the post?
Essentially, yes. Except that scripts and treatments are pitched by agents to the producers. Do you honestly think that the suits come up with the good ideas?

Monty Python finished the first draft of Life of Brian before having secured any money.

When PJ started to write the movie that would become LotR he had no backing.

I'm not knocking people who write scripts on the off chance, but it seems a pretty chancy way to make a living to me.
That's the lot of writers.

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