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Re: What annoyed you most about GOF v3

Originally Posted by hplova15165 View Post
Dan's long, girly hair. In some scenes, he had it up properly and it looked fine, but in others... he just needed a cut. I liked it best in Prisoner of Azkaban
I agree. His haircut didn't really irk me, but I felt it was better in PoA than GoF. It wasn't distracting at least.

When did Harry suddenly like attention? "You want me to open it?"
That was another huge mistake. I cringe every time I see that scene. James Potter would do that, not Harry. He had enough attention as it is, with Rita Skeeter splashing his name around in her articles in GoF. He was already tired of it and certainly wouldn't seek attention yelling "You want me to open it?"

And of course, they made Krum a jock. He's almost never in the library. He's exercising instead.

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Rita Skeeter was here
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