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Re: The Potters and their money, how and why were they so rich?

I have always wondered about this, as well!

I haven't read the entire thread, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating here, but could it be possible that Harry was a decendent of Godric Griffendor?

They live in Godric's Hollow, noone seems to know how they got all of that money (and as it was pointed out earlier, JK sometimes has a way of ommitting these things on purpose). Also, I keep remembering Griffendor's sword and how Harry had been able to produce it against the basklisk.

It would also make sense to me that, if Harry were Griffendor's ansistor, he would have been chosen by LV as more of a threat than Neville, in relation to the prophesy.

I know this may be a little far-fetched... any thoughts?

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