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Re: Feminism in Deathly Hallows - or the lack thereof v.3

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
To be fair....Snape was being summoned by Voldemort & then killed, so Molly couldn't duel him. And if I remember correctly, we never see who killed Fred -- a wall gets blasted away from behind where the trio, Percy & Fred were standing over 2 disarmed/defeated DEs. I don't know about Greyback, but Hermione blasts him away from Lavender on their way to the shrieking shack to look for Nagini, and I think someone else takes him out at the beginning of the 2nd phase before they even get back into Hogwarts.

Even so, the threat to Ginny was happening right in front of Molly, so I'd expect her to intervene no matter which of her children it may have been; and of course it's a better storyline for it to be Ginny, not only because of Molly, but Harry as well.
I get why Molly couldn't duel Snape on behalf of George, he was off busy doing other things, but the other two are harder to explain away and, I think, even further underline the feminist issue being presented by the duel with Bellatrix. It wasn't Mulciber who tried to curse Ginny, it wasn't Yaxley or Avery or Greyback or Dolohov or any of the other Death Eaters - it was just about the only woman Death Eater we are ever shown in the entire series - and we're only ever given two, one of which (Alecto Carrow) is only in like four scenes in the entire series and, to me, felt like she was made a woman simply so Bellatrix wouldn't be the only woman death eater in the books

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