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Indoronel *Dandinigirl13 and accompanied writers from 'It's OK to be Bored!'


Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Romance-ish
Title: Indoronel
Summary: This story is form two viewpoints: Prince (Rowan’s, I was thinking) and a young woman (Kara?) Kara is the princess, btw

Beginning: only show this as a brief prologue, it’s meant to be mysterious for the readers!

Once the king was slaughtered in battle, The Demon ordered that every single reminiscent of the monarchy be killed to make him king. In secret, the Queen surrendered her two children, a boy and a girl, to two sorcerers, hoping that they would be taken to the safer lands. The young prince (4 years) was successful, but the baby princess was not. Her bearer was captured, and it was concluded that the princess had died. This was untrue…

Rowan is now a man, and he has been raised around the magic. When he is told that he had a sister and was the heir to the throne, he orders that all the men in his land travel to the empire to search for her. (Aronir) being one of the men.

Middle: The next part of the story begins with a Young woman (yes, Kara) seventeen years later; she is a slave and is under the control of nasty (Gaerus.)
When she is put on the auction, there is a cloaked stranger whom is successful in his bid. Once they are alone, he identifies himself (Aroninr?) and puts her in shackles so that she does not escape. Then, he attempts to return her to the safer lands, Believing that she is the princess. They’re relationship is icy, as Kara hates him from the beginning. Basically, they go through hell and back to get to the Prince. Once they arrive, Kara is told that she is the princess (she is examined by the Master, the oldest and wisest) and Rowan tells her they need to ‘restore what their parents started. ‘ Starting with killing the Demon king.

The Master concludes that a Demon may only die by a person armed with a certain sword, forged in the waters of Aronthia. It was named Indoronel, and the only person to have ever had it, was (Isolath?) The man that carried Kara as a child and was captured.

Ending: (Kara,) Rowan and (Aronir) suspect that (Isolath) is still alive, and travel to the Empire prison where they later, find Isolath. He is weakened by many years of torture, and he dies in Kara’s arms as he gives her the sword. They vow to return to him once peace has been restored. (Aronir) places protective magic onto the body to preserve it.

To cut the long story short (too late!) it ends in the war, Rowan has the sword Indoronel and faces the Demon King, but he is killed (BIG dramatic moment, lots of crying!) Kara picks up her brother’s sword…. and guess what? DEAD DEMON! With the Demon’s death, all of his men are vanquished and are reduced to dust. (This is because they took an oath that can only be broken with the death of the Demon.)
We have a nice, cheesy, happy ending. Kara and Aronir become the king and the queen.

Are we allowed epilogues? : Brief showing of the birth of (Kara’s) first child, (Rowan.) named after his uncle. Edit by thread starter (TS): Yes, but only as your 24th chapter .

Chapters the Challenge Suggests: 24
Words In Each Scene: 500+ only. (If the person writng a section with 700 words that does not mean the next person can do 300 words.)

If you wish to participate, or have any questions, please visit the It's OK to be Bored! thread.

Kara -

Her real name is not Kara, it was the name given to her by a woman whom died shortly after, Kara was taken by the slave traders and put under the control of Gaerus, an evil git, basically.

The name Kara was given by her mother and father was Araliveia. (Ara - live - aya.) Kara decides to keep her adopted name of Kara when she is crowned queen.

She looks similar to her mother, Eronnine.

At the start she is aged 17.

Kara has a temper, especailly when secrets are kept from her. (she gets angry at Aronir quite often)

The master:

He is very, very old, though he does not look it. More like a young man, like Isolath he wears his hair in a plait, though the colour is dark blonde/golden.

The Master has a daughter named Csathie (pronounced... Kuh-say-thee). Who is sixteen years old.

The master is gentle natured, protective and very intelligent. He is also very inquisitive.

He is a sorcerer, one of the most skilled ones in the empire, he is in charge of people who have similar magical qualities.

He can trace family background and relationships if he touches them, almost like mind reading, he can extract memories.

The master occasionally has to steal children whom possess magical quality in the midle of the night, staging it as a dissapearance. This is because magic has to be controlled, and he also has to stop them from becoming freaks and outcasts. Then, he takes all their memories of their families away until they are old enough to learn about what happened.

When he told some of them that he had stolen them from their families, some strayed to the side of the demon king in their anger and fought for him in the massacre.

ISOLATH - Was a childhood friend of Eronnine, Kara's mother (also the previous queen before the war) He fell in love with her when he was fourteen years old, he never told Eronnine and so she married a nobleman's son, who was Kara's father (the king before the war.)

He is a sorcerer, has great magical ability.

Long, Dark hair in a plait.

Ferried Kara during the war, failed and was captured. He dropped the baby princess into the forest, whom was protected under magical bonds, which is why she was assumed 'dead.'

ARONIR - is eight years older than Kara.

Has been a friend of the Prince's since Rowan came to the safer lands aged four, where Aronir has lived all of his life with his father, Sarrionn and two brothers (mirchal and Jonah) all of them have magical qualities.

Aronir is also a sorcerer. Falls in love with the prince's sister.

Appearance - Dark Brown hair, Olive skin. (tanned.) Quite rough-looking. Handsome in his own way.


Appearance - Similar to his father, but I'll let the group of us decide what he looks like. All I can imagine him to be is strong like Akiles, but fell at the last hurdle of war when he is killed by the Demon King.

Rowan was four when he was ferried to the safer lands during the war.

He has a friendship also with Csathie, the daughter of the master.

Is given ownership of the sword Indoronel as the oldest child.


aged 16, strong Sorceress after her father. Appearance -unknown.

Csathie fights in the war at the end beside Kara, Aronir, and Rowan.


Appearance - black hair, grey eyes.

Before her death was a great freind of Isolath, whom loved her.

Married a nobleman's son.

learnt a bit of magic from her childhood friend, she was not a full sorceress.


This is the character you can all have fun with, he is whatever you want him to be, really. All I can say is that he is VERY powerful, persuasive, cold.

He can also assume shapes, especially replicas of other human beings.

His scarlet cloak is woven with blood from his victims.



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