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Re: Indoronel *Dandinigirl13 and accompanied writers from 'It's OK to be Bored!'

It smelt like salt. It sounded like water – water crashing over water. She couldn’t see it, but she could smell it, taste it in the air.

It came from the small cracks in between the stone walls. Too small to see through, but large enough to let the sea air seep through.

Kara kneeled back down on the stone cold ground, next to the sleeping boy. He gave an involuntary shudder and rolled over.
Kara covered him with the only blanket they had been given by Gaerus. It was too thin to produce any real warmth, but at least it was something.

Kara sighed, pulling her knees closer to her small frame, letting her long black hair fall around her face. It was smeared with dirt from working outside too hard. She hadn’t bathed in…a long time.

Loud shouts came from outside the door. The candlelight flickered underneath the doorway, illuminating footsteps as they passed, the shouts turning to laughter. Something fell on the ground nearby with a loud bang.

Kara watched in disgust as liquid started to creep into the room – it must have been a jug of wine that had fallen. She watched the red liquid with distaste.

A small cry came from the boy.


“I’m here Boyd – it’s alright,” the girl soothed. She stretched out on the floor next to him, holding the boy close to her chest.

“I’m so cold.” Kara pulled him closer; trying to shift whatever warmth she had to the small boy.

She felt the anger build up inside her. Boyd shouldn’t be living like this. He was only seven. He had his whole life ahead of him, yet here he was, about to be sold to…Kara didn’t want to think who.

“Would you like a nice, hot bath to cheer you up?” Kara asked him. She could feel him nodding. A smile crept on her face as she started their nightly ritual.

“A large tin tub filled to the brim with steaming hot water and…scented rose petals. Like the royal family had. You could lay in the water until it went cold and your fingers all wrinkly.”

She tickled his nose and Boyd giggled softly.

“You would wear a silk robe afterwards, and sleep in a bed so big you would be lost in it, for it would be layered with fur blankets to keep you nice and warm. There would be an enchanted fire, so that you would never go cold and the thick fur blankets would make you so warm that you immediately fall asleep…”


“Get up, filth!”

Kara’s arm was dead. Sitting up, she shook it, trying to get the feeling back. By her side Boyd was stirring wearily.

“Get up you lazy…” Kara saw Gaerus’ hand come down near Boyd.

“Don’t you dare!” she yelled, pushing herself up and in front of Boyd. She felt the little boy whimper underneath her.

The hand came down on her face.

“You dare get in my way?” Gaerus thundered. He looked the young girl up and down. Her black hair was knotted with dirt, the result of not having a proper wash in a long time. Not that Gaerus cared. Water was money, and money was time. He did not have time to waste on a slave girl, especially this one, with her strange grey eyes.

The old woman who had sold her to Gaerus had called her Kara, but slaves owned by Gaerus had no need for their names.

Her cheek was stained red, welting from his handprint. She held it gently, her other arm stretched back protecting the useless boy.

Her right eye was still black and blue from the previous day. Her grey eyes were narrowed fiercely and she stood up.

“How dare you try and hurt a boy? Can’t you see that the work you already make him do is killing him?” Kara yelled to the man standing in front of her with a courage that was slowly slipping away.

From the corner of her eye, she saw some of the kitchen slaves, stopping their work to watch with wide eyes as she talked back to their master.

“Maybe his new master will be kinder,” Gaerus snorted. “Now get up!”

Kara’s heart leapt. Of course! Today was market day. Gaerus would sell Boyd on the slave market, for another, healthier and fit slave.

“I doubt that there would be anyone who would be able to match the kindness and generosity you have shown us, Gaerus.” Her tone was sarcastic, and the giant in front of her did not like it.

“Would you like another bruise to match the one on your right eye?” Gaerus snarled, pointing a dirty forefinger at her face. “Because that’s the way you both are headed that way if you don’t get up and get out of this room!”

His voice boomed throughout the whole house. The girl didn’t question his motives. Gaerus was big and brutish – not a man to be messed with. There were limits as to how far she could push it. If only this girl had learnt that from the beginning, her pretty face wouldn’t have been bruised so much.

She helped the boy stand up, leaving the blanket around his trembling form.

“He won’t be needing that,” Gaerus snarled, ripping it off him.

Kara watched as Gaerus marched out of the room, not bothering to stop and wait for her and Boyd. Gaerus strolled away, not caring to slow down his fast pace for the girl. She walked as quickly as she could behind him, thin legs carrying her weight.

They left the house, the other slaves still holding their breaths.

“Let’s see how much I’ll be able to get for your worthless hide,” he growled, shoving her into a cart along with the other slaves he was taking to the auction.

“You’re selling me as well?” Kara’s heart leapt for joy. She felt like doing cartwheels right here on the muddy ground.

Instead she picked up Boyd, making sure he was comfy on the wooden cart floor.

Gaerus didn’t answer her question, “ From now on you will speak when spoken to. I hope to get a good price for you, so behave yourself.”


The market place was busy today, Kara noted. More people had turned out especially for the auction. The wealthy citizens of Zorne were seated on one side of the auction space, so not to mingle with the lower classes.

Those who were too lazy to attend the auctions sent their head slaves to do their bidding for them. Stalls of all types had sprung up in every available space, making the cart hard to navigate in the throng of people.

Kara heard Gaerus curse from where he sat with the horse’s reins. She was just in time to cover the little boy’s ears. Young children didn’t need to be exposed to such vulgarity.

“What will happen to us, Kara?” Boyd asked her.

“We’re going to new homes, where they’ll look after us. But only if we do what we’re told,” she informed him, pinching his cheek.

“Will you go to a new home with me?” Boyd asked her. Kara sighed.


They had stopped, and Gaerus was unlocking the cart door. “Get out!” he growled. Kara, closest to the door, scrambled out, and then helped Boyd and the others who couldn’t manage on their own out.

They stood close to each other, their shackles linking them. Gaerus was talking to a skinny old man. He put a coin in his palm, and then turned back to his slave.

“Get a move on!” They all moved forward at once. They were pushed on to a wooden stage – the first slaves of the auction.

Kara stumbled up the stairs last, her eyes downcast.

“You,” Kara heard in her ear. Her back stiffened. “Any funny business and I’ll make sure you go to someone who makes sure you’ll never look pretty again, you understand?” Kara nodded. There was no point in arguing – not now. She was too close to never having to see Gaerus’ ugly, fat face again.

She was dragged onto the stage by the other slaves, their shackles still binding. The old man Gaerus had spoken to before hobbled onto the stage, and a hush came over the crowd. Kara didn’t bother listening to him – she had been to that many auctions since being Gaerus’ slave she knew what he was about to say.

The citizens of Corus were well informed of the antics of Gaerus’ troublesome girl slave, and Kara had suffered for it when nobody bought her at auction time. That was why Gaerus had travelled all the way to Zorne.

Kara used to the time to look around her. Zorne was an hour away from Corus, but Gaerus never had need before to come here. Zorne was a beautiful city, one of the few cities that had not been destroyed by the Demon King. Every building winked in the evening sun, wrought with white marble.

There was that overpowering smell of sea salt in the air, and gulls flew all around, scavenging for any food scrap. Kara looked into the crowd. More people were squeezed into the market for the trading day.

She watched as the nobles sat down, the ladies in their beautiful gowns. There were so many different colours – blue, red, green, purple. Kara looked down at her own rag for a dress. It used to be a colour – she couldn’t remember which. Now it was grey and tatty, covered in dirt.

A colour of black in the sea of bright colours caught her attention. It was a person – a man? He was wearing a black cloak, so thick and heavy that you could not see the face underneath it.

Kara felt uneasy. A black cloak could only mean one thing – followers of the Demon King were in Zorne. The shadow on a bright day.

She looked back to the crowd, trying to find the cloaked person. But she had lost him in the throng of people.

“Girl!” Kara’s head swivelled round in the direction of Gaerus’ voice.

It was her turn. She took a step forward. “No, no. I’ve sold you already.” Gaerus laughed, jingling a small bag at his hip.

“A lot of money they paid for you as well. More than I expected. Seems like you have some worth after all.”

He unlocked her chains, and then dragged her by the arm down the steps.

“Here is your new master.”

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