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Re: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

1. How do you think Fred and George reacted to the consequences of Draco's use of their Peruvian Darkness Powder in HBP?
I belived they felt very ashamed of themselves.

2. Fred and George played some rather cruel jokes earlier in the series, do you feel that they have matured since then? Do you believe they regret some of their earlier actions?
I don't think they ment it to be cruel, it was just over the top at times. I belived they matured alot. They still make jokes and stuff still but when they realised what is happening they knew it wasn't the time for jokes and pranks.

3. What do you think of the twins reaction to Percy's return in DH?
They probaly were shocked but after they reliased that he was really sorry, they were o good terms.

4. What do you think of the twins decision to join the Order and the fight at Hogwarts? Did they consider the consequences of their actions or were they acting rashly? Do you think George's loss of an ear made them understand the danger more than they did before?
I always knew that they will like to join the Order. They always want to be part of the action. BThey were acting rashly in my opinion but I could be wrong.I think when George lost his ear,it eally gave them a wake-up call of how dangoures it is going to be.

5. How do you think George will cope with the loss of Fred? Will he continue the joke shop without his twin?
I think George will never be the same again. He lost his brother, his best friend. But he has his family and friends beside him. We do knwo before Ron became an Auror that Ron helped with the joke shop. His other best pal Lee Jordon probaly hepled him too.

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