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Re: Harry and Ginny: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by sllagnire View Post
No, I wouldn't say that you are the only one. I think so too. I can see her playing little tricks on her own children. I think that Harry would let her have her fun, but still keep her in line, keep her from doing too much damage. I see them as being really great parents. Very good at balancing the fun with the discipline. The kind of parents that you really can get along with, the kind that can become your friends later in life.
It would also work completely in reverse - if Harry's having too much fun *coughfireboltatage1cough* with the kids, Ginny would step in too. They have a natural understanding of each other that was apparent even before they started dating, and they seem to be able to figure out when each other need to be reigned in.

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