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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next chapter! It's a bit long---hope you have a snack! Thanks so much to all who left feedback. I love, love, love reading your thoughts about the story! I'd love to know what everyone who reads the story thinks, so please, mosy on over to the feedback thread after you read and let me know---good or bad! Thanks!

Chapter 4

The following day, the first Saturday of the term, dawned clear and bright, with a slight crisp to the air, indicating fall was on it’s way, albeit a little early. Lily, who had pulled her bed hangings shut in an effort to discourage further conversation about Scorpius, now, peeked through to look at her clock.


UGH, she though, why am I up at this time of the morning? It’s Saturday for Merlin’s sake!

She heard a soft rustle coming from Roxy’s bed, so she quickly pulled her head back in, still not wanting to talk to her cousin.

Lily and Roxy hadn’t always been close. Being first cousins, they had grown up together, attending birthdays and holidays and family dinners and even sleeping over with each other, but their close relationship hadn’t begun until Hogwarts.

They were complete opposites. While they both had the Weasley red hair and freckles, the similarities ended with their appearance. Roxy enjoyed playing Quidditch and building mud castles with the boys. She and Hugo always got on well, because although Hugo and Lily were fiercely close, he always wanted Lily to get dirty, and she didn’t want to. Roxy would though, and not only would she be covered in dirt and grime by the end of the day, but she would usually be filthier than any of the boys she’d been playing with. Lily still didn’t completely understand that, except that Roxy was who she was, and she wouldn’t change for anyone.

September first of their first year at Hogwarts, Hugo, Lily, and Roxy stood nervously beside their parents at platform 9 ¾, awaiting the departure of the train. Lily had heard all the horror stories from James and Al, and as she had looked at the large train, tears of nervousness formed in her brown eyes. Another reason Lily hadn’t been close to Roxy, was Roxy always seemed to understand Lily’s feelings and she wasn’t good at keeping her mouth shut. Lily had been embarrassed many, many times when Roxy had called her on a feeling Lily was hoping no one knew about. Knowing this, Lily looked away from Roxy, desperately trying to hide her tears, not wanting her loud mouth cousin to point out for all her family that Lily, who had begged to come to Hogwarts, was now afraid to go.

Keeping her face from Roxy had been easy, as Lily hid in the hugs and kisses of her parents, but once the three of them boarded the train and waved from the window, Lily knew Roxy would see her tears and correctly analyze all her fears. With a gulp Lily had looked at Roxy from the corner of her eye and saw something she never expected. Roxy too, was crying. Tears streamed quickly down her face as she reached to wave to Uncle George one last time. Roxy caught Lily looking at her and her face burned, her fists moving to her eyes to push away the offending tears. Lily could have drawn attention to this emotion, seeing as Roxy was crying even more openly than she was. Instead, Lily went to her side and hugged her cousin tight. Roxy, hugging her back, whispered, “Thanks Lily, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Lily realized then, that Roxy needed a friend, a girl who would love and care for her. Lily had been that person for her ever since, and even though her mouth does still get away from her at times, Roxy isn’t so quick to shout about others as she once was.

The uncanny knack Roxy had always had for understanding her, even when Lily was unwilling for her to, was what had Lily so riled up. The pit of her stomach churned thinking about what Roxy had said to Dana after Lily stormed out last night. Had Roxy solidified Dana’s notion about Lily liking Scorpius or had she kept quiet? Lily yearned to know, but feared to actually find out.

With a sigh, Lily decided to check the clock again.


Basically no time had passed while she remembered the past, so sighing again, she pulled her bed hangings away completely and as quietly as she could, retrieved her things for the shower and headed off to the bathroom. She feared she might have woken up Wisteria when she stubbed her toe on the side of her trunk, but the girl only rolled over in her sleep.

There were five sixth year Gryffindor girls. Lily, Dana, and Roxy, along with Wisteria Daniels and Colleen Creevey; all five got on well, but Dana and Lily became fast friends the first night in the dorm, so along with Roxy, they were really close, while Wisteria and Colleen were close.

Wisteria’s mother was a witch who had been raised in America, but came to Britain for vacation and met a young wizard named Brett Daniels and married after only dating two days. Most people still thought them completely crazy. Colleen was the daughter of Dennis Creevey, and she was proud to be named for her uncle Colin, who had died during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Lily’s shower lasted thirty minutes, and after slipping into her terrycloth robe, she was secretly glad she’d been up early, because a shower that good didn’t come around that often at Hogwarts. She sighed, slipping back in the room, to see all but Roxy were still sleeping. Roxy grinned at her and waved her over. Lily debated for a moment, then grabbed her wand and her makeup bag and then sat on her cousin’s bed and began using her wand to dry her hair. Roxy cast a charm on her bed hangings so the girls knew they could speak freely, without disturbing the others.

“What on earth are you doing up at this hour?” Roxy asked.

“Dunno, couldn’t sleep,” Lily shrugged. “You?”

“I’m going flying here in a bit with Hugh and some of the other players on the team.”

“You are?” Roxy was not on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, nor had she ever tried out, even though she was quite good.

“Yeah,” Roxy smiled, “I’m going to try out this year. I talked with Hugh about it last night and he told me they were going to do some flying today and invited me to join.”

“That’s great Rox!” Lily grinned and really meant it. She hoped beyond measure that Roxy would make the team. “What position are you trying for?”

“Seeker,” Roxy blushed. “I don’t know, I usually play Beater when we play at home, but we really don’t need a Beater and I’ve always thought Seeker would be fun.”

“Maybe Al could give you some pointers. You should write him.”

“Maybe I will,” Roxy began brushing her hair and then started using her wand to form two braids on either side of her head. “Lils?”

“Mmmmhmm,” Lily was concentrating on her hair also at the moment.

“I know,” Roxy whispered and Lily didn’t have to ask what she meant. She knew. Lily sighed. This was why she had been hesitant to talk with Roxy in the first place.

“Oh yeah?” She tried to sound nonchalant.


“Well,” Lily sort of smiled, “OK.”


Roxy knew Lily would talk to her about it when she was ready, but for now, she still wanted her cousin to know she understood her feelings.

“We don’t have to go into it all Lils, but its ok you know.”

Lily looked skeptical.

“It will be fine,” Roxy patted her knee and Lily smiled.


“You’re welcome.”

The cousins talked about different things for over an hour, then the other girls started stirring and they all decided to head to breakfast. Once in the Common Room, they found Mike sitting alone in front of the fire, writing a letter, his owl, Fowler, perched on his shoulder.

“Morning,” Lily announced the girl's presence. Mike looked up and smiled.

“Mornin’,” he turned back to his letter for a few seconds, sealed it, and sent Fowler on his way. “Sorry,” he apologized, pointing to the owl retreating from the window.

“No problem,” Dana grinned. “You heading to breakfast?”

“Yeah, I’m just waiting on Hugh,” as if on cue he appeared at the bottom of the stairs leading from the boys dormitory with Jase Finnigan, Landon Green, and Mark Savage, all wearing Quidditch robes and talking animatedly, their brooms on their shoulders. Mark Savage was a fifth year, who was the son of Damien Savage, who worked in the Auror office.

“I think we’re going to have to practice at least four times a week,” Hugo was saying when they reached the others. “Morning,” he nodded to Lily and the other girls, then went right back into conversation about Gryffindor’s chances this year. “We’re going to need a top notch Seeker,” he shot a look at Roxy with a grin, “because losing Al is really going to hurt us.”

“I agree,” Jase nodded as they all went through the portrait hole.

“Seriously, Quidditch season hasn’t even started yet,” Dana whispered. “Why do we have to hear about it all the time?”

“Um, Dana? Try living at my house for a week. This is nothing,” Lily rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Well, yeah, but your parents are famous for their Quidditch skills, I mean your mum played professionally!”

“So you see my point,” the girls laughed.

Mike, who didn’t play Quidditch on the house team, walked silently beside them. Lily had a feeling he sometimes felt left out when Hugo was with his team. It had been a real shock when Landon, a muggleborn, had been an excellent flier and player, something Lily thought still bothered Mike on occasion. It wasn’t that Mike couldn’t fly or play, just that Landon was so much better, it was truly amazing that he’d never heard of the game or flying until he was eleven. Mike, Landon, and Hugo were the only male Gryffindor sixth years. According to Harry, this was the fewest boys in a year in a hundred years. They seemed ok with it though, and Lily thought it secretly made them all proud that they were the only ones.

“So, what did you guys do last night?” Lily addressed Mike, who looked up from his feet and smiled.

“Um, nothing,” he said unconvincingly.

“Michael Boot!” Lily said sternly.

“We didn’t really do anything, in the way you’re implying. We sat around our dorm for most of the night,” he grinned.

“Interpreted: they started planning a prank, they just didn’t pull one,” Roxy chimed in, bored with the Quidditch talk.

Lily rolled her eyes, “Honestly, sometimes I wonder why Hugo was picked to be a prefect.”

“You know what they say,” Mike laughed and raised his eyebrows. The running joke among the students was that the Headmasters had a competition going to see who could chose the most unlikely people to be prefects and/or head boy and girl. Many students had even inquired with the portraits in the Headmaster’s office at different times. Albus Dumbledore encouraged the whispers, Severus Snape usually just snarled at any student who spoke to him. Well, all but Albus Potter when he’d been here. Snape, even in his portrait form, still looked sad when looking at those green eyes, but he always allowed Al to talk to him.

Mike had been a shoe in for the position of Prefect, so obviously, he didn’t expect to be appointed, and he wasn’t. Lily did think it had helped Hugh grow up---well, sort of.

“Yes, still though, Hugo Weasley? Hackwood must have won something for that one,” everyone laughed again and Hugo shot Dana a look. “What? I’m not allowed to talk now?” She said sarcastically.

“No, you are,” Hugh let the others go on ahead of him and he joined his friends. “Just not about me,” he said cheekily.

“Oh, as if I sit around and talk about you,” Dana made a face. Lily and Mike exchanged a look.

“Sounds to me like you do,” Hugo retorted, then, as his friend’s laughter rang in his ears, he stopped short. Lily followed his gaze and saw Richard Corner and his friend, Jeremy Patterson, coming their way, obviously also on their way to breakfast. Richard spotted them too and a strange smile spread across his face.

“What on earth is he smiling about?” Roxy whispered to Mike, who was also looking at the other boy with disgust. He didn’t answer her.

“Well, well, look who it is!” Richard and Jeremy were upon them now. “It’s the Gryffindors! Good morning, Lily,” his smile broadened and Hugo turned on Lily with a fire in his eyes. Lily’s own eyes went wide and she just shrugged at Hugo.

“Morning,” she was careful not to address him by name, but just give a general “good morning.” She made a move to leave, but even though she smiled sweetly at him as she tried to pass, Richard pulled on her arm. Hugo’s eyes flashed again, his hand pulling his wand from his back pocket.

“Where are you off to?” He held lightly onto her arm, and his eyes shiftily looked at Hugo and he smirked at his angry reaction.

“Um, breakfast?” It sounded like a question. Mike took hold of Lily’s other arm.

“Yes, breakfast. See you Corner,” Mike pulled Lily’s arm, and although neither held on tight, Richard didn’t let go either. For a second, no one moved or said anything. Dana stopped breathing, her eyes boring into Hugo’s back, wondering what he was going to do. Roxy finally swore under her breath and Hugo, his wand out, and stood in front of Lily.

“Why are you holding onto my cousin, Corner?” His teeth were clinched.

Richard laughed and looked down at his hand as if he didn’t have control over it. He opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the sound of steps behind him.

“What is going on here?” Scorpius Malfoy, on his way to breakfast, had stumbled onto this scene.

“Nothing,” Richard dropped Lily’s arm, Mike slid his hand down her arm, taking Lily’s hand in his.

“It didn’t look like nothing,” Scorpius looked from Richard to Mike to Lily to Hugo, and then to the onlookers. “It looked like you were trying to make Miss Potter the rope in a game of human tug of war,” his eyes landed for a split second on Mike, holding onto Lily’s hand, then his grey eyes found her brown ones. “Are you ok Miss Potter?”

Lily blushed, “I’m fine thanks,” she then noticed Mike holding her hand and pulled hers away.

“Well, let’s all move along, shall we?” Scorpius raised his eyebrows and smiled, but it was a smile that clearly said, “NOW.”

Hugo led the way for the Gryffindors, shooting a glare at Richard over his shoulder, then meeting Scorpius’s eyes. Without a smile, Hugo nodded to the new staff member, who nodded back and passed the Gryffindor table to take his place at the Head Table.

He watched as the students he’d just intercepted all sat and tucked into their breakfasts. He heard the chair next to him move and looked around to see Teddy Lupin, then, hearing the chair on the opposite side, he looked up to see Neville Longbottom.

“Morning,” Teddy greeted him.

“Morning,” he responded dully. His mind was else ware.

“I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you before now Scorpius,” Neville smiled at him.

He’s a nice guy, Scorpius thought. He’s even nice to me, and my family is responsible for him not knowing his parents properly.

“I’ve had a busy week,” he grinned and looked over Scorpius’s head and winked at Teddy.

What is that about? They’re probably in on a joke or something. I mean, my great aunt tortured Neville’s parents and killed Teddy’s mum. That must be why they’ve sandwiched me. Thinking of being sandwiched reminded him of the scene he’d just witnessed in the corridor. Should I tell Neville about it? He is the head of Gryffindor house.

“I got engaged on Thursday!” Neville said in a voice that could only be described as pure joy. This startled Scorpius, who wasn’t expecting to be included first hand in Neville’s excitement. He’d heard about it already, but never expected Neville to tell him himself.

“Congratulations!” He hoped he sounded excited and sincere. That’s what he was going for.

“Thanks!” Neville poured himself some coffee. “We’re having the wedding here, on October 30th. Hannah, my fiancée, loves the Hogwarts decorations for Halloween and Headmistress Hackwood said we could have the ceremony by the Black Lake. The reception will be in Hogsmeade though.”

Scorpius was a bit confused about why Neville was being so forthcoming with him. He’d always been nice enough to him in class, but Herboloy was never Scorpius’s best subject, so he’d dropped it in third year.

“That sounds nice,” Scorpius smiled as best he could. If he was honest, his thoughts were still on the Gryffindor sixth years and what was really going on in the corridor. He was still debating about whether he should tell Neville or not. It took him a minute to realize the other two men wanted a response from him. What had they asked?

“I’m sorry?” He questioned.

“I asked,” Teddy chuckled, “if you were dating anyone.”

“Oh,” he knew his face was probably turning redder than a Weasley’s hair. “No, I'm not.” This question confused him.

“Well, you’re welcome to bring someone to the wedding if you’d like,” Neville smiled at him, but was then distracted by Professor Sinistra speaking to him.

Scorpius just looked at him incredulously. He was invited to the wedding? That was not something he was expecting, even being a member of the staff. The family history of such bad blood between his family and the Longbottoms seemed enough to skip inviting a Malfoy to the wedding. Not just his aunt, but from what he’d heard, his father had been a bully to Neville while at school.

He was thinking about a lot of things when he looked up from his plate and noticed two things at once. Out of the corner of his eye, he realized Teddy Lupin was studying him, and looking straight out into the Hall of students, he saw a pair of brown eyes quickly look away as soon as he looked up.

Working here is going to be harder than I thought.

Thanks for reading!

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