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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next bit...I hope it's not too boring, it's setting up the stage for other parts of the story. Thanks so much to Kristin, MissGryffindor, and gillikitty2000 for leaving feedback on the last update. I really apprciate it!

Chapter Seven

The dinner with his parents hadn't been as bad as he had expected, and for that he was grateful. He knew his parents, mainly his father, disapproved of his job and his desire for a different lifestyle, but he wasn't going to let that deter him from his goal.

He practically fell into bed that Sunday night, exhausted both emotionally and physically from the first week of classes. It had been amazing though, and he was really beginning to feel like he belonged in the Potions classroom. More and more of the students were looking to him for advice, and he was giving it as freely as he could. He was an excellent Potions maker, much better than his father had been. He laughed out loud, in spite of being alone in his room. His mother told him once that his father, who's favorite subject was Potions, really only squeaked by because of Professor Snape. Not that he was bad, but he wasn't as good as most people thought. Scorpius was though, and he knew that was the main reason Hackwood had allowed him to come on. She knew he was great at the subject, and that he would be a real asset to the Potions Master. Professor Timmons mentioned possibly allowing him to take on some of the first year lessons on his own after Christmas, so he was already really excited about that.

As he began to drift off to sleep, he couldn't help smiling to himself. Asking for and taking this job was the best thing he'd ever done for himself. He couldn't wait for the next morning.


"What's going on with Corner?" It was late on Sunday night, and Lily and Hugo hadn't been alone since the incident. Hugo had intentionally hung around the Common Room, waiting for their friends and the other Gryffindors to leave. Lily knew he was waiting to talk her, and had decided to humor him, not going to bed when Roxy and Dana went.

"Nothing is going on with him Hugh," she shook her head. "I'm as clueless about his attention as you are."

"Mike said you're sitting by him in Ancient Runes."

"No, he's actually sitting beside Sam, and I'm on the other side of her," Lily sighed. "Hugh, I promise, nothing is going on."

"Maybe not for you, but it seems like he's got some agenda," Hugh balled his hands into fists. Lily looked at his hands, then back up at him and laughed.

"Hugh! Look at yourself! You're getting way to worked up over this. Listen," she leaned in and held into his arm, "if it makes you feel better, I will stay with Sam or Mike at all times on my way to Ancient Runes, on the way out, and during. Although I think that's unnecessary and overly dramatic, I will do that if it makes you feel better."

Hugo didn't say anything for a minute, but he finally put his hand over Lily's and smiled a small smile. "OK Lils, thanks."

The next morning, the Gryffindors made their way to breakfast, not having a run in with Richard Corner that morning and the breakfast was pretty uneventful. Toward the end of their meal, Neville approached the table, smiling.

"Good morning House!" He grinned at them, very chipper for a Monday.

"Morning Professor," the table chorused. Neville sat on the bench, his legs facing out, and propped himself up on the table, looking around what they'd eaten. Some of the first years sitting a few feet down from him looked scared, and quickly got up. Hugh and Roxy both laughed.

"I didn't know I was so frightening," Neville grinned. "Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that Hannah and I changed the date of the wedding."

"Moving it up, huh? Can't wait?" Hugo laughed.

"Inappropriate Weasley," Neville tried to sound stern, and he did, a little, but there was still humor in his eyes. "And, no, we've moved it back one day. Halloween is on a Sunday this year, so we've moved it back to that day instead of the Saturday before. Since there's a Hogsmeade visit that day, a lot of the students won't be on campus. We like that a lot of the students won't be on campus, it will make it easier to keep it simple."

"Oh, makes sense," Lily nodded.

"What about the Halloween feast?" Leave it to Hugo to worry about the food.

"The wedding will be around lunch time, then we'll have a reception, and the feast will still go on that night. I won't be here though," Neville grinned at them. "We'll already be gone by then."

"So, I guess we'll have to skip Hogsmeade then?" Roxy looked slightly disappointed.

"Yeah, can you forgive me for that?" Neville made a puppy dog face at her.

"Stop it Nev..I mean, Professor. You're giving the other students lots of gossip ammunition," Roxy laughed, "but yes, I can forgive you, if you'll allow us to bring dates," she raised her eyebrows at their Professor, who was more like an Uncle.

"Sure, I guess I could allow that," he grinned again. "Alright, off to class!" He stood and moved with a slight spring in his step, obviously thrilled with the life he'd been delt.

The sixth years all grinned after him, and left the table and headed toward their prospective classes. Mike and Lily left the others at the front door, waving as their friends headed to Care of Magical Creatures, then they headed to Ancient Runes.

Once in class, they sat chatting with Sam, laughing about a prank the sixth year Ravenclaw girls had played on their male counterparts over the weekend.

"You should have seen Richard's face when he woke up and his bed was in the Common Room! Oohh, he was mad!" All three were laughing hard as Richard entered with some other Ravenclaw boys. They tried to die down their laughing, but it didn't help that the Ravenclaw male faces looked ready to kill when they looked at Samantha.

As their Professor began class, Lily leaned over to Sam and whispered, "How did you get their beds in the Common Room without them waking up?" Professor Vines was answering a question from a Hufflepuff, not paying any attention to Sam and Lily. Mike perked up and leaned around Lily, straining to hear over the conversation around him.

"Paisley's really good at Transfiguration and Jenna's really good at Potions," she grinned, trying not to start laughing. She glanced over her shoulder, but Richard was talking to his friend, Jeremy. "Richard didn't have a shirt on, and his boxers were," she paused for dramatic effect and laughed again, "pink!" Mike and Lily joined her laughter, not really doing a good job of stopping when Richard did turn and look at them. He definitely knew what they were laughing about. Lily's face felt warm as she blushed, feeling a little bad that he caught them laughing at him.

After class was over, Mike and Lily gathered their belongings and were headed back to the Common Room for their free period, an essay from Professor Vines on their minds, when Lily felt someone pull her arm.

"Lily," Richard was there, holding on to her arm again and looking slightly annoyed that Mike had stopped when Lily did.

"Yes?" Lily let her annoyance show in her tone as she pulled her arm from him.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go to Hogsmeade with me on Halloween?"

Lily marveled at his confidence and his early planning.

"That's weeks away," she pointed out. Mike shifted his weight beside her and glared at Richard, ready to intervene if Lily needed him.

"Yes, well, I wanted to make sure I asked you first," he smiled.

"Lily doesn't go with a date to Hogsmeade, she never has," Mike said through bared teeth. "You think she's going to chose you over all the other guys who've asked her?"

"I think Lily is capable of speaking for herself, Boot," Richard smiled sarcastically.

"Anyway, yes I am," she shot a be quiet look at Mike, "but I can't. I'm planning to go to Professor Longbottom's wedding that day. He's a close friend of my family."

Richard frowned. "Oh, right," he glared at Mike, then looked at Lily and tried to smile. "Maybe next time then." He reached out to her again, but she stepped back, leaving Mike almost in-between them. She just smiled at him and turned, leaving the Ravenclaws. Mike followed her, looking back at Richard in time to see him clinch his fists and shake his head.

"What on earth?" Lily demanded. "Why did he just ask me to Hogsmeade more than a month in advance? Does he think I like him?"

"I don't know," Mike sighed. "You've got to tell Hugh though."

"I know."


Hope you enjoyed this update! Thanks so much for reading!

I would love to know your thoughts---good or bad!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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