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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello, hello! Here is the next chapter, as promised. It's basically just a continuation of the previous chapter. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you to all who left ROCK!

Chapter Nineteen

Hugo could hear Dana frantically trying to stop the canaries from attacking Corner, but he didn’t care. He wouldn’t go back in and help her. Corner deserved it. Fueled by anger and pain, his thoughts were hostile as he made his way through the corridor. When he was just about to round the corner, he stopped short because someone was standing in front of him.

Bugger, it’s Scorpius. He thought, wondering if he could get him out of the corridor before Corner and Dana emerged from the classroom. No such luck. Dana came out first, tears streaming from her eyes, her hand pulling Corner, who had several scratches that were bleeding and more than a few whelps. Hugo had to stifle a grin at how good the birds had gotten him. Even in the face of trouble, he felt exhilarated knowing he had come off the best of the duel.

Scorpius was looking from Hugo and the others, taking in the state of Richard, his face not at all happy, albeit slightly confused. Dana spotted them and her face filled with fury.

“Hugo Weasley!” She screamed and ran at him, her fists beating his chest. Hugo grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her back. She fought him, trying with all her might to keep striking him.

“Geroffme Dana!” He cried.

“I cannot believe you could be so cruel! How could you?” Richard was now upon them, glaring at Hugo and his hand twitching toward his wand. Casting a glance at Scorpius, he refrained.

“He deserved it Dana, and you know it,” Hugo hissed at her. Before either could say anything else, Scorpius grabbed Hugo’s arm and pulled him from Dana, and held his other arm out, blocking them from each other.

“What happened?” His voice was the angriest it had been since being a Hogwarts staff member. Hugo knew that even though they were friendly, there was no way he was getting out of this without a punishment. His mind was thinking up excuses with rapid fire, but none were good enough. He heard Dana explain the situation to Scorpius, whose face was getting red from shock and anger. Scorpius looked at Hugo, furious, and then gave the same look to Richard. Hugo was pleased that Scorpius seemed at least as mad at Corner as himself.

“Is that what happened? Hugo?” He looked at Scorpius and nodded, then looked away as if not caring. “Are you two out of your sodding minds?” Scorpius shoved them both, then looked at Dana. “Miss Jemison, you have detention next week on Tuesday and Thursday nights for your part in this,” Dana, crying again, nodded. “Now, return to your dormitory,” she looked at him, then at Hugo and Richard, who were now staring each other down, and she walked around them and out of the corridor. “As for the both of you, give me your wands.”

Neither boy moved for his wand, both just looked at Scorpius as though he had just sprouted pink bunny ears. Scorpius gave a frustrated sigh.

“Now!” He ordered and Hugo turned his over first, then Richard, both obviously reluctant to do so. “Come with me,” Scorpius stood in-between them and led them away.

This is completely ridiculous, Scorpius was thinking as he led Hugo and Richard to Professor Lupin’s office. He had the authority to punish them himself, but Lupin had asked him to alert him if something like this happened, and he had agreed. Professor Lupin would know if their Heads of House needed to know, and besides, Lupin was stepping in for Longbottom while he was away, and being the night before the wedding, Scorpius didn’t even consider calling on the Head of Gryffindor House.

He knew Professor Lupin wasn’t in his office, he was having drinks with Professor Longbottom in Hogsmeade, but he brought the two to his office anyhow.

Once in the room, he pointed to the two chairs. He was well aware that a lot of Hugo’s family was smiling at him from photographs around the room, but he knew Teddy wouldn’t let Hugo off just because they were family. The boys sat, both staring daggers at the other. Scorpius surveyed them for a moment. Can I leave them here while I go get Lupin?

“I’m going to get Professor Lupin,” only Hugo looked at him. Richard was now looking out the window. “You will not get up and you will not speak to each other while I’m gone,” Richard smirked. “I have your wands and will be taking them with me. I will tie you to the chairs if needed,” he raised his eyebrows at the enemies. Hugo sighed and shook his head.

“That won’t be necessary Mr. Malfoy,” he sounded tired, but sure of himself. Scorpius tried not to notice the sting he felt at Hugo being formal with him.

“Fine. Don’t move,” taking some powder from the small jar on the mantle, he threw it into the flames and they sparked green. Walking into the fireplace he said, “The Three Broomsticks!”

Exiting the fireplace at his destination, Scorpius looked around the restaurant. It was busy, but not packed and after a few seconds he found the table he was looking for. He made his way there, and when two men who were standing moved, what he saw made him temporarily stop.

How could I have been so daft? He was looking at not just the two Professors, but also a be speckled black haired man who needed no introduction, a red haired man who was just as familiar, and two men who he felt as though he had seen before, but couldn’t specifically place. Of course Neville would be having drinks with several people. I should have known Ron Weasley and Harry Potter would be here.

Not wanting Mr. Weasley to know it was his son in trouble, he thought about what he would say. He had to be inconspicuous. Let Teddy decide if Mr. Weasley needed to know. Neville spotted him and waved.

“Hullo Scorpius!” The other men looked in his direction too, Teddy giving him a knowing smile. Teddy knew he would be nervous about meeting these specific men. Neville was pointing at his friends. “Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Dean Thomas, and Seamus Finnegan, meet Scorpius Malfoy.”

Harry offered him a genuine smile, as did Dean Thomas and both stood to shake his hand. Ron and Seamus looked a bit suspicious, but both also held their hands out without rising.

“Nice to meet you,” Harry said, “would you like to join us?” Neville smiled at him and Scorpius could tell he was a bit sloshed.

“No, thank you, I just needed a word with Teddy,” he nodded to the men, “it was nice meeting all of you.”

Teddy followed him a ways away, concern on his face. “What is it, Scorpius?”

“It’s Hugo,” he paused, “and Richard.”

That was all that needed to be said.

Teddy walked back to the table, downed his Firewhisky, clapped Neville on the back and said goodbye to the others. Returning to Scorpius, they wasted no time and they were back in the flames.

Teddy went first, and before Scorpius even arrived at the correct fireplace he could hear the shouting. Once properly in the office though, he saw it was Teddy shouting at Richard, who was out of his seat and had seemingly been doing something to Hugo when Teddy arrived.

“I told you not to move,” Scorpius glared at the Ravenclaw. To his surprise, Hugo was still in his seat, arms crossed looking a little haughty.

“Told you,” Hugo muttered smugly. Scorpius chose to ignore it, but Teddy didn’t.

“Now is not the time for cheek Mr. Weasley!” Professor Lupin was obviously frustrated; his hair was now blazing red as if his entire head were on fire. “You!” He pointed his wand at Richard. “Sit down!”

Richard sat and Hugo gave him a smug smile. Scorpius almost laughed at how unconcerned Hugo was with the situation. Either he had been through this so much he no longer gave it much thought, or he expected Professor Lupin to let him off.

“I don’t know what possessed either of you to duel tonight, but I will say that I’m sick of having to punish you for cursing each other,” he looked at the boys. “I should banish you both from the first Quidditch game.”

Hugo looked up sharply at his Professor and Richard looked like he was going to blow a gasket.

“Professor…”Hugo started, but Lupin cut him off with his hand.

“However, I won’t because that would be punishing your entire house for your own stupidity.”

Both boys gave a sigh of relief, but trained their eyes on their Professor, waiting to see what punishment he would dole out. Professor Lupin seemed to be thinking. He sighed after a moment and looked at Richard, then Hugo.

“You will serve detention every night but Sundays for a month starting Monday night. Seeing as this is the wedding weekend, to which you are both invited, I will allow you to attend. You will not be allowed to go to Hogsmeade on Sunday, and both of you are to remain in your dormitories that day except for meals,” Professor Lupin shook his head, seemingly still marveling the events that occurred. “Twenty points will be taken from Ravenclaw and forty from Gryffindor.”

“Why do I lose forty?” Hugo couldn’t keep his mouth closed or the bitterness from his voice.

“Because you, Mr. Weasley, caused physical harm to Mr. Corner,” Professor Lupin gave the redhead a very pointed look when he seemed about to retort. “Now, Mr. Corner, you need attention from the hospital, so I will ask Mr. Malfoy to escort you there now. You will report to my classroom at 7pm on Monday night, is that clear?”

“Yes Sir,” Richard muttered and rose; going in front of Scorpius, he left in the direction of the Hospital Wing.

After depositing Richard at the Hospital, Scorpius made his way to his room. He felt exhausted, both mentally and physically and wanted nothing more than a good night’s sleep. He had just taken off his robes when a knock sounded at his door. It was late, after curfew, and he couldn’t fathom who would be knocking.

“Who is it?”


“Come in,” Scorpius said, surprised. Hugo walked in, looking much the same as he had a half hour earlier, a little haughty, with tired overtones. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to apologize,” Hugo said, not meeting Scorpius’s eyes. “Sorry you got dragged into that,” he met his eyes now.

“Does Professor Lupin know you’re here?”

“Oh, uh, yeah,” he wasn’t convincing.

“Really Hugo?”

“Alright, no!” Hugo huffed in frustration. “He told me to go to my dormitory,” Scorpius was glad to see he looked a little guilty.

“Hugo! If you’re caught in here, you’re going to get both of us into trouble! Come on, let’s go,” He grabbed his robe and put it back on. “I’ll walk you.”

“You don’t have to, it’s ok,” Hugo turned to leave.

“No, I’m coming,” Scorpius followed him out the door. “If you get caught, especially by Professor Lupin, you’ll just be in more trouble. I offer you a small safety net.”

Hugo grinned as they walked. “I’m not going to get caught by Professor Lupin.”

“How do you know he’s not looking for you right now, making sure you went straight where he told you to go?”

“Cause as soon as you left, he went back into the flames and returned with my father,” Hugo shook his head. “Can’t believe I forgot my dad was in Hogsmeade tonight, I mean I saw him earlier! I thought of running for it when Professor Lupin said he was getting him, but then I remembered how much the Fat Lady likes my dad. I reckon he could convince her to let him in without the password, and I felt I was better off if we had Professor Lupin as a buffer,” he grinned. “Anyway, they both returned to the bar as I was leaving his office.”

“He was pretty upset with you then?” Scorpius wondered about Hugo’s relationship with his father, and was surprised to see him grinning again.

“He wasn’t thrilled, for sure,” he laughed now. “He’s always easier to talk around when he’s been drinking, but it wasn’t his disappointment that made me nervous, it was what he told me,” Hugo shook his head and gave a little shudder.

“Which was?”

“To meet him and,” Hugo gulped, “my mum outside our Common Room first thing in the morning.” He shuddered again. “He said his anger was nothing compared to what hers will be, and I reckon he’s right.”

Scorpius couldn’t help but laugh at Hugo’s obvious discomfort knowing he would be facing his mother in the morning.

“Why did you come to my room?” Scorpius knew there had to be a reason. Hugo stopped walking as they were only a few yards from the Fat Lady.

“To say sorry,” he made a face, “sorry I got you involved in that mess.”

Scorpius considered him before replying. During the whole ordeal, he had thought Hugo acted too cool and a little arrogant, which had bothered him somewhat. Seeing him now though, he really did look contrite, something Scorpius felt certain he didn’t show too often.

“I’m sorry too,” he was still a superior to Hugo, but he couldn’t deny they were more than staff member and student. Against all the odds, they were friends. “I have to admit, I didn’t like having to fetch Professor Lupin to punish you, but I couldn’t let it go, either.”

“Yeah, I know,” Hugo smiled slightly, “sorry I put you in that position.”

“Why Hugo?” Scorpius felt he deserved to know what had happened and why. When Hugo looked up at the ceiling, something clicked in Scorpius’ mind. “Dana,” he whispered. Hugo didn’t look back at him at first, but when he did, Scorpius was floored at the pain in his eyes.

“Yes, Dana,” Hugo also whispered, and looked away again. “She’s…”he couldn’t get the words out and just shook his head.

“Dating Richard Corner?” Scorpius said shrewdly. Hugo didn’t ask how he knew, he only nodded sadly. “Aw Hugh,” it was the first time he’d used the familiar nickname and that wasn’t lost on either of them. They made eye contact and a silent understanding passed between them. They would have to be careful. Their friendship was something they both needed and wanted, but Scorpius was in a position of authority and that couldn’t be forgotten. He reached out and gripped Hugo’s shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

For another moment they just stood there and Scorpius knew he should send Hugo off to bed, but he waited, hoping he would confide in him, because something told him it was what Hugo needed the most.

“I smelled her,” he said softly. “In the Amorentia, I smelled Dana.”

Scorpius thought of who he smelled and wondered if he’d ever be able to share that with Hugo. He nodded, so Hugo went on.

“I was completely flummoxed when I realized it,” he put one hand on the wall and just shook his head again. “I mean, how could I not see that? It made me nervous, and a bit angry.”


“Yes,” Hugo nodded emphatically, “I was so mad at myself for falling for her.”

“I don’t understand,” Scorpius shook his head.

“No one, and I mean no one, can wind me up like Dana can. Not even Corner,” he smacked his hand against the wall a little too loudly. “How could I have fallen for her?”

“Hugh, I think it’s fairly common that the people we care about the most are sometimes the people who we find it easiest to fight with,” Scorpius thought of his father. “It doesn’t mean we don’t care about them,” he was careful not to say love, in fear of setting Hugo off.

“I guess,” he looked a little lost, “I just never would have imagined it. I mean, I’ve always loved teasing her and being around her, but then she can push all my buttons in all the right ways,” for a moment it was quiet, then they both laughed. “I don’t mean that the way it sounded.”

“But it’s so true,” Hugo raised his eyebrows and Scorpius laughed again before continuing. “I’m serious. Because you care about her, and my guess is she cares about you as well, she can push all your buttons, both good and bad.”

“She doesn’t care about me,” Hugo smacked the wall again and Scorpius gave him a look. “Sorry. She doesn’t though. Her boyfriend is sodding Richard Corner. Not me.”

“Have you ever asked her out?”

Hugo was quiet for a few minutes and Scorpius could see his brain working. It looked like thinking was hard for him, and Scorpius stifled a laugh. Hugo didn’t seem to notice.

“No, I’ve never asked her,” he admitted. “Lily wanted me to ask her to the wedding, but I was still feeling angry and confused over knowing I liked her and I just wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t think I could handle being her date, and I told Lily this, but Dana overheard and all hell broke loose from there.”

Scorpius wondered if this was the fight in the Common Room Lily had referred to not long ago. It made sense that it probably was.

“I told her tonight though,” his face was a mix of sadness and frustration, “and she still chose Corner over me. That made me mad. Really mad,” he looked at Scorpius and shrugged. “You saw the aftermath of how well it all went over.”

“Yes,” Scorpius nodded, “but Hugh, I think you handled it wrong.”

“You sound like Mike,” he sounded annoyed.

“Mike’s a smart guy, and a good friend. Listen to him every once in a while,” he gave him a slight shove.

“Mike doesn’t know,” he said quietly, as if Mike could hear them through the walls. “None of them do.”

“Oh really?” This surprised Scorpius, who just assumed they all told each other everything. They seemed so close.

“Yes, really. I can’t tell them. Lily is already upset about what’s going on with Dana,” Scorpius made an unintentional intake of breath at her name. Hugo looked at him strangely, but didn’t ask, he just finished his thought. “It would upset her even more to know why I really didn’t want to go with Dana to the wedding. She would just blame herself.”

“OK,” Scorpius dragged out the syllables, “I see why you didn’t tell Lily, but what about Mike? Or even Roxy?” He knew the other two cousins had gotten a little closer since they’d been spending so much time together on the Pitch.

“Mike and Roxy would both be insufferable,” Hugo said grumpily.


“They tease me about her sometimes, but they don’t know it’s how I really feel. If I admitted it to them, they’d tear the mickey out of me and I’m frankly not in the mood for that.”

“Give them some credit. After everything that’s happened, you really don’t think they’d understand?”

Hugo contemplated this, but only shrugged.

“Well, think about it,” Scorpius pointed to the Portrait. “It’s late; you’d better get in there. If Lily’s a worrier, I’m sure she’s out of her mind wondering where you are.”

Hugo smiled a little mischievously and muttered something under his breath that sounded like “map”, but Scorpius didn’t ask.

“Well, goodnight Hugo.”

“Goodnight Scorpius,” Hugo turned, and once reaching the Fat Lady gave Scorpius a wave, and then entered the Common Room.


The first wedding chapter will be next! FINALLY! Feels like its taken a long time to get there, but whew! A lot has happened. I would love feedback!

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