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Re: A series completed: Analysis of all eight movies in one

Oh a questionnaire! How fun. I'm going to read what everyone else says when I finish this.

The movies
Which movie out of all eight of them is your favourite? Why?
My favourite movie was The Goblet of Fire. It's such a pivotal point in the series, and I think it was handled marvelously. They had so much to fit in, and they did such a good job.

If you could name one moment which you consider your favourite for all movies which one is it?
When Harry jumps out of Hagrid's arms in DHII, when everyone thinks he's dead.

Which director did the best job of portraying the Wizarding World?
I have a soft spot for Mike Newell. I think he did such a good job with the characters and relations between them during the coming of age point, and all the darkness. He'll always be my favourite Harry Potter director. But I have to give props to Chris Columbus. Because he really brought it to life, with the help of the people that he had to initially put together. Everyone else really drew from the vision that he, JKR, and his crew assembled.

Would you have preferred one director for all eight movies?
I think that would have been ideal, but I don't think I could choose one to do them all, because they all brought a different something to the series, and using all the different ones was very important to the development of the story.

Which story arc has been fleshed out the best during the movies? Examples: Coming of Age story of the Trio, Harry vs Voldemort, The Marauder vs Snape, Snape as Dumbledore's inside man etc.
The trio were obviously the most fleshed out arc. A lot of people who only watch the movies have no idea about the Marauders, and need that explained. Harry is really the main character, and even in the books that's the most fleshed out part. So it would be impossible to better flesh out any other arc.
The entire story is about Harry Ron and Hermione growing up and learning to deal with the issues that they have been set with.

Which character has had the best portrayal (script wise and acting wise)?
I want to say Luna, because Evanna is Luna Lovegood. She just brought real magic to the role. Theres a magic, and joy to her, but also seriousness and growth that would have come across as a joke coming from anyone else, I think.
Also, Imelda Staunton as Umbridge. She really made you despise the character. Not many people can play someone so 'pleasant' in such a convincingly despicable way.

Which actor or actress in their role has been a revelation to you?
I don't think I could really call anyone a revelation. This is very much the same question as the previous, in my mind.

How important has music been to you while watching the movies?
The music is integral. Without the music theres no emotion to set the scene. Anyone who's watched the accompanying documentaries for Harry Potter Ultimate Edition: Part 4 will understand.

Who is your favourite music composer?
I feel like I'm committing treason by not choosing John Williams. But my favourite was the composer for the 5th and 6th installations, Nicholas Hooper.

Which soundtrack is your favourite?
Half Blood Prince

What is your favourite music track?
Leaving Hogwarts. Is. Heartbreaking.

Cinematography, Set Design, Costume Design etc.
Which movie has the best cinematography?
The third was very interesting, but I have to go with DHII
Best set design (props etc)?
Philosopher's Stone. Everything was so new, and it really just filled me with awe. But for props, I'm going to say PoA ties. Because Cuaron introduced the individuality of the characters through their wands.
Best special effects?
Obviously with technological advances, the latest. But I thought that what they did with the available technology in the first movie was astounding.
Best costumes?
Goblet of Fire. We get to see more than just the one school. And the Death Eaters/Dark Lord costumes were exquisite.

Overall verdict
Are you happy with the Harry Potter movies as a completed series?

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