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Re: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

From the Little Questions Answered thread:

Originally Posted by Zaffyra View Post
In terms of the 'little things' theme of this thread, I thought I'd drop something regards Fred and George:
They were never distinguished in the first six books much at all, and as a reader, I certainly did not consider them as separate or even differing personalities. However, in the 7th book, JKR leads us to question their status as individuals, and really consider how they work as a pair. For me, George losing his ear was massive. I couldn't believe it - all of a sudden, the twins had a definite difference, which lead to a mental divide in us (the readers), whereby we began to consider them as singular rather than a pair making a single unit.
While I agree that JKR began to distinguish the twins even more in DH, I think there were differences between them prior to that.
I think Fred came across as the more reckless, daring twin and George tempered that a bit. When Ron speaks of the more unkind things the twins have done, it's usually Fred who has instigated it - Fred gave him an Acid Pop when he was little, Fred turned the teddy bear into a spider.
Plus, it was Fred who dropped the Ton Tongue Toffee for Dudley.
When it came to the plan to get their money from Bagman, Fred was determined to send the letter, while George seemed to be more the voice of reason - "if we put that in a letter, it's blackmail". I think this is the only disagreement we get to see between the twins, and I think it shows a difference between them.
In OotP, it was Fred who declared "I think we've outgrown full-time education". It may have been agreed on in advance - they may have been planning quitting school anyway. Or it may have been an impromptu decision on Fred's part, as they probably hadn't anticipated getting caught after planting the swamp. They got away with the fireworks, after all.

While I think the twins are very similar, and share a sense of humour and enjoyment of life, I do think that Fred is somewhat a leader and more rebellious than George. George seems to have a little bit more of a sense of boundaries than Fred.


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