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Re: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Zaffyra View Post
(On a side note, thank you FurryDice for directing me to this thread!)
You're welcome. Thanks for bringing up Fred and George, it's fun to talk about less-discussed characters.

I noticed, too, that Fred takes on the persona which you have described, and George is more the voice of reason (which in hindsight makes George the obvious choice for the 'which twin should live' dilemma).
I see what you mean, I think that George probably coped on his own much better than Fred would, even though it would still have been incredibly difficult for George.

Originally Posted by merrymarge View Post
I didn't want Fred to die! I didn't want any Weasley to die. And poor Molly, always having trouble telling each one apart. Wasn't it Fred who told Ron that they would have to wrestle a troll before being sorted?
Yeah, that was Fred too. And as it turns out, Halloween, I love the Weasley's seer-like foreshadowing jokes.

Originally Posted by StarsAndShadows View Post
I don't want to seem heartless, but by law of numbers, the Weasleys got off fairly lightly. I didn't want Fred to die either, but at least one Weasley had to - look how in the other families, sometimes the whole family was killed in the course of the wars against Voldemort. Lily and James, Tonks and Remus for example. There were only two Creeveys, and Colin died.
That's true, the Weasleys were always going to lose somebody in the last book. I think it was always going to be one of the twins - it had to be one of the younger characters that the readers were more familiar with, and Ron and Ginny were going to survive to be with Hermione and Harry. Separating the twins like that was also going to be a particularly cruel and heartbreaking cut. They would have mourned for any sibling, but Fred and George were practically inseparable and George would have found it so hard to function on his own, I think.

Originally Posted by Zaffyra View Post
His marriage to Angelina interests me, too. But I can see her helping him with his loss a great deal - not just as a source of comfort, but also a voice of strength and on occasion, demand. I don't think she would shy away from telling George that it's time he got up and bloody well stopped moping, or something like that (after the appropriate time had elapsed, of course). I think he'd need someone like her to get him out of a long depressive rut.

I can see that happening. I can see Angelina refusing to tip-toe around George as others might have done. She certainly showed that she didn't tip-toe around others when she was Quidditch Captain. However, how she reacts to George depends on how Angelina herself was coping after Fred's death.

I can also see George and Angelina being a source of comfort to each other - I think that might be how they drew together. I think they would both have been in a rut after Fred's death.

I wonder if Fred and Angelina stayed together for long after their date at the Yule Ball. For some reason, I imagine them dating on and off until Fred's death. Hopefully we'll find out more on Pottermore.


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