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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by DarwinMayflower View Post
As much as the film is supposed to be focused on Harry, I'm quite disappointed as to the lack of showing the other champions compete because of the severe lack of DRAGON AWESOMENESS! At the same time so much could have been done to make the build up a bit better than just a fade in to Harry sitting on a bed.
I agree - waiting in the tent is not nearly so much fun as actually seeing the dragons and the other tasks.

In the books, when Ron re-caps it - we get almost the same flavor (it's all type on a page after all) but it's really lacking from the movie. Also those mini-dragons looked so good!

And the stadium was too small. Only about 20 extras all in one corner. The scale was all wrong to me outside to inside.

I have a new phrase for Hermione / Emma Watson that has nothing to do with her eyebrows. From watching the OOP clips in mute I'm now calling her "Hermione the Hyperventilator". She seems to feel that vaso vagal manoevers give her acting a realism that ordinary ventilation lacks. She looked fantastic at the Los Angeles premiere though. She seems very skinny. I wonder if she gets anorexic under stress.

When I watched GOF in the theaters (about 20 times) I thought Cedric was really low key. On DVD tho' he's perfect on repeated (about 200) showings. Rita was completely meaningless & could have been cut. They could have coached Krum character to deliver his line a little better. After all Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) gets only one line per movie and he can usually get it out credibly.

Why the heck were Harry and Hermione talking to each other from the sides of the tent like that - then only to break down the barrier ?

I mean anyone who has been in a real tent would never do that. *sigh*

Originally Posted by lindaluna
You know Filch and his gun - his canon - that keep going off prematurely. I thought of 2 things:

1. A joke about the use of canon.

2. A joke about Wimsey and the chekovian guns that must be fired concept.

Here was a completely non-canon cannon, that fired prematurely and for no reason throughout the movie.
Let me explain. Wimsey is of course completely correct, the gun on the wall in the first act must be fired in the third act, IF you are a good writer, and you are not working with JKR, who has a wall full of guns, and characters that go off & on for no reason. Enter our screenwriter, and JKR's world, where really each book is one part of a 7 act series.

Drunken ScreenwriterAlone at midnight, candle burning, screenwriter with cheap california red wine, sobbing.

Screenwriter: Canon - everyone wants canon....I know that the gun is supposed to fire in the third act, but which gun? what is the third act? this book is just a couple of scenes from the second act! I'm so inept!

Screenwriter: What am I supposed to do ? *reverie*

Dumbledore/Wimsey: On three, one - two - ...
Filch/Screenwriter: One *bam* ... oh darn it!

Screenwriter starts to giggle drunkenly.

Screenwriter: Wait.... I have an idea....

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