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Re: Ultimate Film Collection Editions

Originally Posted by blak_cat View Post
It's gonna cost $50.00 a movie (the pre-order knocks $15 off). And I'm actually tempted to wait as well. I'm hoping for some sort of box set when they all come out.
That's what I'm doing. I bought PS/CoS when they came out, but not the others. I'm thinking once all 8 are out they'll do some amazing box set
Originally Posted by harry5678 View Post
Woo! Guys, Leaky Confirmed that the EXTENDED versions of all the hp movies, are being planned for a DVD release (Weither this is the same edition as on ABC Fmaily isn't known yet) but perhaps they'll be on the Ultimate Collector's Sets!!! Here's the article:
If those are on the ultimate editions, that'd be enough for me to buy theme. If they really are going to be $50 each, they need to be really outstanding, especially considering you can get OotP for about 15 these days.

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