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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by rosieechan View Post
Lol, I'd make it exactly like the books, frame-by-frame, line-by-line, if it was possible.
Same here. Whenever i finish a movie i complain about any change from the book

Originally Posted by Dobbyfan619 View Post
Goblet of Fire:
- Extend the third task scene in the Triwizard tournament to make it more exciting and have that real sense of danger that was felt in the book.
- Have Dobby give Harry the gillyweed for the second task instead of Neville.
- A better portrayal of Dumbledore by Michael Gambon and a better explanation of Priori Incantatem.
I wish they had included Ludo Bagman. That was a dissapointment to me


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—Severus Snape

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