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Re: What would you change about the films?

Movie 1 - Have Dumbledore say what he saw in the Mirror of Erised. I think that would have been kind of funny, Lol.

Movie 2 - Not sure.

Movie 3 - Explain the Marauders. I don't think we really figure out who they are exactly, except Wormtail and Padfoot.

Movie 4 - Have Dumbledore be a little calmer.... He wouldn't roar in the Great Hall for Harry Potter, he wouldn't strangle Harry in the trophy room, he wouldn't bark at Moody, he wouldn't act so confused and worried, and he would not bark at the champions to "Gather round. QUICKLY!" I mean, was that really necessary? Also make the ending a little better... less cheesy....

Movie 5 - I would make the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort a bit different. I would have the statues come to life and have Fawkes come and swallow the Killing Curse for Dumbledore. I would also have Voldemort call Bellatrix "Bella". I don't know, but I found that really weird for some reason... Lol. And I would have Harry go berserk in Dumbledore's office, having him break the instruments and such. Oh yes, and Dumbledore would not bark at the students... "Don't you all have studying to do?!?!?!?! [You little retards....]"

Movie 6 - Have Dumbledore go to the Dursleys' instead of picking Harry up at the cafe. I would have loved to see the Dursleys again. I would have more of the memories, particularly the Gaunts and Lord Voldemort's Request. I'm not sure the second one is too, too important, but it would be cool. Also at the as they come out of the cave, I would have Dumbledore say, "I am not worried, Harry. I am with you." They filmed that but deleted it....

Movie 7: Part 1 - Keep in the Dursleys Departing scene (they deleted it). Have the vision of Voldemort going to find Gregorovitch but instead finding the German mother and her two children in his old house, and then killing them. Have Voldemort go to Godric's Hollow and have his flashback to Hallowe'en, 1981. I would have loved to have seen the full scene. Have Grindelwald not tell Voldemort about the Elder Wand, and have Voldemort kill him. Oh yes, and keep in Dean Thomas.

Movie 7: Part 2 - Have the WB logo up in flames. (I'm not sure if that would work well with the Snape opening, but in the last one, it was all rusting and about to break, and now it's all silver and clean and new?) Lengthen Voldemort's anxiety attack: Have him interrogate the goblin and then kill everyone. The Prince's Tale: If they were showing Lily dying, I wish they would have shown James being killed for once.... I think they give Lily way more screentime than James; also, give James glasses in the beginning! King's Cross: Have Dumbledore in purple robes. I think that would look very good with this new Dumbledore, what with his white, untethered beard; and I think Michael Gambon could pull it off. He didn't have be Dumbledore the White! ... Not have Bellatrix explode. Let Harry have the very last line.... I was kind of annoyed that they gave him the last line in every other movie BUT this one. Come on, Albus.... "Ready." ...? D:

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