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Re: CoS Speed Writing Competition 2013

Originally Posted by Schlubalybub View Post
Well, I'm up to about five thousand words, which isn't great, but I've been a lot more busy than I thought I'd be this past week, my laptop hasn't even been on for a while...

I do all of my writing on paper first though, so I don't really need my laptop for the writing part, it's just the updating that I have a problem with sometimes- I can write a bit when I'm having a coffee at work or whatever. I've just had so much training to do in work, it adds between four and eight more hours to my workload each day's training.
Five thousand words is pretty good. As long as you're writing something your reaching your goal!
Last night, I added on two more pages and seven pages the night before.
Right now, I'm having the hardest time staying focused on my current story. I've got so many other story ideas I want to write but I figured I'd be able to stick to one. Now, whenever I'm bored with one story, I stray onto another. That's really frustrating as I'm sure I'd have gotten pretty far if I'd stuck to my original story!

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