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Re: What did Umbridge have against Harry in the first place???

At first this seems like an easy question to answer,
She thought Harry was talking lies to stir up trouble
She thought Harry was arogant and attention seeking

However, I think we forget that she was the one to order the dementors after him. If she simply wanted to silence him she could have tried something else, but she literally tried to kill him and another consequnce of her action was putting a muggle in harms way. So she obviously didn't care about the risk she was taking when sending the dementors after Harry.
Her ethics is "as long as she recieves the desired end results, who cares about the means to get them"
we also see this in her attempt to us truth serium and an unforgivable curse. This lady is just plain evil!
We know we haven't seen the last of her yet and we just might find out in the next book why she was so determined to silence Harry. I haven't found anything in other books to explain this.

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