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I LOVED the Yule Ball. It was so beautiful.
I also loved how the actors actually ACTED in this film.
I loved how it was so emotive.
I liked how the film made Neville looked like he might have some intelligence.
I also was impressed that this film made me like Hermione. I thought she was portrayed horribly in the other films.

<3 I bet that you look good on the dancefloor. <3

RP Character: Abbey Prichard is a seventh year, pure blood Slytherin. She is loud and outspoken, and pretty much good at everything. People who don't really know her think she is selfish and people who think they know her think she is great in her own way. She is barely ever seen without her cat, Logan, who she shares everything with and is her best friend. She is wuite short and has shoulder length dyed red hair which changes style according to recent trends. She has brown eyes and a beautiful warm smile.
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