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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

This movie, as with Prizoner of Azkaban, had exactly the right atmoshpere for the tension, suspense and mystery that the storyline presents. Although unlike Prizoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire progressed far to rapidly for any of it to register. There was no time to even try to figure out who might be setting Harry up or why. There was no time to be concerned about whether or not Harry would figure out the task, because by the time we got around to realizing we should be in suspense, the event was already taking place and then it was over. That's it. That's all she wrote. I left this movie with all my nails still in tact, so to speak.
OK, I'll give you that. But on the other hand...the book doubles as a doortstop!

It all begins with, what do you know, the beginning of the movie. The dream sequence at the Riddle house is accurate enough, with the exception of one small detail... what the heck is Barty Crouch doing there?!?
I love the sound of convoluted side plots being falling to the floor.

The Dursleys weren't in it at all, which was to be expected as we were warned before hand that the Dursleys would be absent from this film. Although I would have loved to have seen Dudley's dieting and the scene where the Weasleys come bursting through the Dursley's fireplace and Dudley eats the twins' toffee that makes his tongue swell up like Aunt Marge! Priceless!
True, true.

The Quidditch World Cup was a disaster. To start off, the Weasleys & co. find the Portkey, and although one of the twins mentions that it is a portkey, no one bothers to say what a portkey is.
"Why, why they touched that boot, and immediately appeared in a different location! How can this be? If only I knew what a portkey was, then this scene would make sense! Curse and drat!"

Once they get to the World Cup, it never happens! The group climbs to the top of the stands, which for the life of me I cannot grasp why they were not in the Ministry Booth as they were in the book, and we see the teams fly out into the stadium and then all of a sudden everyone is back in the tent, the World Cup is over and all hell breaks loose. There is no introduction of Bartemius Crouch or Winky, and we never even get to see the match.
Ooh, there it goes again! Those sub-plots are dropping like flies! And look, they saved thousands on a redundant action scene!

Once all hell breaks loose, Harry is somehow separated from the group and sees someone (Barty Crouch Jr.) conjure the Dark Mark. Now, does someone want to tell me why... WHY?... Barty would stand out in the open where anyone could see him to conjure the Dark Mark? I mean seriously. For all of us book fans, we know he's supposed to be dead... and for those who haven't read the books, it still doesn't make sense why someone who is about to pull one of the most ingeneous hoodwinks ever, would risk it all by standing in the middle of an open field and conjure the Dark Mark.
Yep. Why WOULD Barty Crouch stand right in the middle of the smoking, decimated remains of an open field? He's going to get caught!

Once the students get to Hogwarts, they are all standing around watching the Beauxbatons carriage and Durmstrang ships arrive. Why? Who knows? Its not until later, at the opening feast, that Dumbledore tells the students what is going on and why the students from the other schools are there.
Um...................illegal time turners? OK, I've got nothing.

Next is the only scene in which the students are actually seen attending class, and features the scene in which Moody demonstrates the Unforgiveable Curses for them. It was a decent scene in which we see Neville obviously bothered by the witnessing of the Cruciatus Curse that landed his parents permanent beds in St. Mungo's.

Many of the main characters (Malfoy, Snape, McGonagal), however, are vastly underrepresented throughout the movie, much to my disappointment.
Er...main characters?

That, and Viktor Krum says absolutely nothing until the very end of the movie when he asks Hermione to write him over the summer!
Too right. I want the old extroverted and chattering Viktor from the books back!

Back to the plot... so the Goblet of Fire spits out four names instead of three and Ron gets ****** at Harry for entering and not telling him how to get passed the Age Line. This was a major fight between the two of them and it was vastly underplayed.
Wha...? Underplayed?

Dumbledore and the other teachers are concerned that someone entered Harry in order to harm him, and Sirius mentions the same to Harry in the fireplace, but after that, its never mentioned again.
Yep. Who wouldn't love to be burnt, drowned or crushed?

The First Task was not at all the way it was portrayed in the book. Harry spends no time at all trying to figure out how to deal with a dragon. Moody tells Harry that he will have his wand and must play to his strengths. That's it. So Harry just up and decides while dodging the dragon's firey breath to summon his broom and fly... all over the school grounds? What happened to his capture of the golden egg being the fastest?
Isn't that kind of, y'know, non-cinematic? As in...dare I say it?...boring?

Next comes the Yule Ball and Harry and Ron, having made up after the First Task, are now tasked with finding dates for the dance. Lord knows where the dance lessons by McGonagal came from!
But dance lessons= funny!

When the Ball actually rolls around, it plays out pretty well, although I still can't figure out when and where Harry bought his dress robes for the ball. Ron's mom sent him his and Hermione & Ginny are girls and thus probably brought there's with them or something girly and expectant like that. But Harry? WHo knows?
The wardrobe store?

Anyways, Ron's dismissal of Hermione as Krum's date was well played and the scene where Harry and Ron are *****ing about Krum while Padma and Parvati sit slumped in the seats next to them is priceless.
Best part of the movie, in fact.

Nonetheless, the disturbing part comes after Harry is pulled out of the penseive by Dumbledore and he begins telling Dumbledore about his dream in the Riddle house. As he's telling Dumbledore about the dream he mentions that Voldemort, Barty and Wormtail were there... wait... Wormtail? Does someone want to tell me how on earth Harry knew that Peter Pettigrew was also called Wormtail when the whole backstory of the Marauder's Map was left out of the Prizoner of Azkaban movie?
It was on the Marauder's Map, wasn't it?

The Priori Incantatem scene was also very powerful and well done.
Really? This was one of the scenes that looked just a little cheesy to me...

Needless to say, I might have a slightly different opinion about GoF than you do.

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