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Re: Which Harry Potter movie is your favourite?

I based my list on how much I enjoyed the films for what they are and which ones I think I'll watch the most often from now on. I think the book nerd in me would rank them a little differently though.

As much I hate to say this, I think GoF is now my favourite. I like how they told a story that made sense, the script was good and they did justice to the death at the end. I think out of 1-6 it's probably the one I'll re-watch the most because its like a stand-alone film to a certain extent. It was my favourite book so that's part of the reason too.

I think I'll put DH 2 in second. Its difficult to rank it alongside films I've been watching for years but I think this is one of those ones I'll like more the more I watch it, especially when I don't compare it to the book. I wouldn't be surprised if it took the top spot from GoF when I see it again though.

I was really undecided with these next three but I decided to rank them like thisThere was really not a lot between them though)

I went back and forth on DH1. As its a part 1, I'll probably not rewatch it as much as some of the other ones but I still liked it. I watched it last week though so its as fresh in my head as the rest of them.

PoA is in fourth. It was my favourite for a long time so I'm gutted its slipped down so much but I think I'm more likely to reach for one of the other ones when I want to watch a HP film again . There was nothing really in particular that makes this one stand out, and the style is quite different from the rest of them. It also doesn't have any Voldemort.

HBP is next. I liked how it showed a lot of the trio but moved on to Draco and Slughorn's memory etc just when I was getting bored. I loved the love potion scene and Harry on the lucky potion though but it was a bit dark in some places. (Not as in scary-dark but I-can't-see-what's-happening-dark).

(small gap)

I'm going to put PS next. I feel sad putting it so low but the other films are better and this one has been out so long the novelty has worn of a bit because I've seen it so many times. I think that's partly why PoA fell a bit too.

I've forgiven CoS for being so disappointing the first time I watched it but I still don't like it as much as PS. I loved Lockhart but some of the other acting is really dodgy so its a bit distracting and I can't read Dobby's Warning without hearing that scene in my head . I like it more than I used to though.

OotP is my least favourite atm but I'm still not really decided on it. The script was really terrible and Americanized in places and I don't enjoy the story as much as some of the others so its easy to find fault with it. I'm probably being too harsh on it though.

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