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Re: A series completed: Analysis of all eight movies in one

Originally Posted by owlycherries View Post
POA last? Can I ask why?
It's probably more like a tie between this one and HBP for last place because the reasons are pretty much the same. The humor is excessive and with PoA there is more focus on CGI and special effects than the story and important plot points (such as the Marauders). We have too much "fun" riding around on the Knight Bus, stopping for an old lady but squeezing into the tiny space between two buses. Harry has a totally unnecessary fight with The Monster Book of Monsters. I think these scenes just waste useful movie time.

But mostly this movie bothers me because the story of the Marauders was not properly explained. I actually just watched it yesterday as part of my HP marathon, and, IMO, it would have been pretty easy to give Lupin a few lines explaining that he, Sirius, James, and Peter were the Marauders and why Harry's patronus is a stag. Also, the Shrieking Shack scene is horribly rushed and I greatly dislike the fact that up until the last.possible.second it seems like Sirius is there to kill Harry. It didn't sit well with me especially because the explanation was botched and rushed as well.

While most of the important Voldemort backstory was missing in HBP and it was turned into a rom-com, I still felt like we were pretty well prepared for DH. Initially I wasn't happy that we did not learn of what objects the horcruxes were thought to be, but they handled that well in DH. So it ranks only slightly above PoA.

It's funny, I seem to notice that most people who love OotP dislike PoA and vice versa. I wonder why that is.

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