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Originally Posted by PhilDM
Anyone remember FF3 for SNES?
I <3 Kefka! Plus Sabin I think is quite possibly the most awesome SNES RPG character ever. AND they could ALL to magic!!!!!!
I don't go that far back when it comes to FF games. I started at FF7 and went from there.

Originally Posted by Tirwen Lupin
Once again, I demonstrate my inexperience in video games! I only have FF10, and haven't even finished yet. I'm in the Calm Lands at the moment. But I really think this is a spectacular game. My favorite character is Auron.
If you need any help or haven't finished it yet I can help out when ever you need it as I managed to finish it. That says something to me because normally I get too used to the format and find myself never completing it even though I enjoy the role playing game.

Yes Tidus is a wuss as well. I started the game again because I got so annoyed at the fact that I could not get this one avatar at the beginning. It was so difficult the first time around because I had not got used to the format, so I missed it. The worst thing is that you could not go back and just have another go at it because the avatar didn't appear when I kept trying again, it kept giving me all these other things, so I gave up and carried. When I started again, I made sure I got it this time. I built up my powers in the field of combat zones before reaching that avatar. Its really handy to do that, build up your reserves, that really helps...

That had to be the best catch I got in the game.

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