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Re: ARE YOU A SEER? Post your list of theories, then check to see if you were right v

1. Dumblydore is dead
2. Snape is bad
3. Harry is not a horcrux
4. Draco will help harry somehow
5. All or most of the Weasley's will be killed early in the book either at the wedding or prior to it. Included will be Ron, Ginny & Molly. Percy will survive & see the error of his ways. The twins will survive.
6. Harry realises that Hermione is made for him & that he can't do it without her. He needs her. She loves him.
7. Aberforth will play a big part somewhere.
8. Grawp will counter the giant(s) helping Voldy.
9. The book will be called Harry Potter and the Dark Lord.
10. Voldy will visit 4 Privet Drive on Harry's 17th Birthday. Harry will save the Dursleys.

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