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Re: ARE YOU A SEER? Post your list of theories, then check to see if you were right v2

14. Harry will visit a muggle tatoo parlor and get a Hungarian Horntail tatooed on his chest. But he will NEVER show Romilda Vane.
my favorite theory ever!!!!

um...besides what jkr told us
snape loved lily
hagrid will die
voldemort will die
the trio and ginny will (knock on wood) survive
harry will then get run over by the knight bus
wormtail will prove himself a double-triple crosser and betray voldemort
lily is the heir of gryffindor
harry is the heir of gryffindor
thats part of the reason voldy chose him
harry is a horcrux
voldy did that on purpose because he was the heir of gryffindor and so he couldn't fullfll the prophecy and kill voldemort (hed have to kill himself first), and voldemort would do anything he could to prevent that from happening
jkr is secretly rita skeeter
harry is secretly spongebob
hermione is secretly marrissa cooper
ron is secretly jake long
ginny is secretly miley stewart
james is secretly phil from phil of the future
sirius is secretly timmy turner
moony is secretly jimmy nuetron
wormtail is secretly logan from gilmore girls
voldemort is secretly him
snape is secretly mojojojo
neville is secretly chuckie
dumbledore is secretly tommy pickles
bellatrix is secretly dora the explorer
ron will slip on a banana

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