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Re: Dumbledore's Master Plan: Part Five

Although I have mostly agreed with the author I think he has missed some important points in this editorial. If, as the author of this piece suggests, we are to look to the master plan of dumbledore, then I think dumbledore must have known that Moody was an impostor earlier or just didn't care. I know this sounds heartless, but give me a minute to explain.

If the ultimate plan is to destroy voldemort and harry is an essential piece of that plan, and harry is afterall just a child how did dumbledore expect harry to accomplish the task? here I really dip into the realm of conjecture. First , if harry is so important why doesn't Dumbledore help harry with the tasks? Although I think that Dumbledore was worried that harry might be harmed I think that he knew harry would get help from voldemort's helper. We are continuously told that there is little that happens at hogwarts that dumbledore doesn't know about, and I think that this applies here as well. While the author of this piece suggests that Michael Gambon's portrayal is spot on I am of the opinion that dumbledore was not as aggressive as he appears in the movie version of GoF because this was all going in accordance with his plan.

all of us have speculated about the "gleam in dumbledore's eye referred to at the end of GOF - what if harry had basically completed his role in the destruction of voldemort in book four? Now I know you have noticed that voldemort is still about causing havoc, and now that HBP has been published we all know why he still "lives", but what if harry's only role in voldemort's destruction was to "donate" his blood? When I first read GoF I postulated that harry's blood would act like an incurable infection which would kill voldemort, but could not see how this could happen until HBP was released. Now we all know it is because of the horcruxes. With this in mind then is harry or for that matter dumbledore essential for the plan to be completed? I suggest that now that there are people who know about the horcruxes and that there were six made with two already destroyed, one need not directly face voldemort, rather the only necessity is to destroy the remaining horcruxes and harry's blood will do the rest.

As for the reference to the death eater who abandoned lord voldemort I suggest that voldemort knew that karkaroff had fled by this time and snape was the death eater too cowardly to return

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