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Re: Dumbledore's Master Plan: Part Five

I love the author's idea of looking at the series from Dumbledore's point of view. Many of these ideas are certainly new for me.

I really disagree about the movie Dumbledore. I can't believe that it made the movie like that, that no one said, "Wait, that's not how Dumbledore acts." It doesn't matter what Dumbledore was thinking or feeling. In the book, he calmly asked Harry if he put his name in the goblet. The movie has Dumbledore angrily asking him, while roughing him up a bit. Totally out of character. It was as surprising as if Snape told Harry "Good Job!" at the end of a potions lesson.

I just feel that Dumbledore either doesn't know as much as we think, or he gambles with Harry a lot. I know Harry was bound to do the Tournament, from the sounds of things, perhaps like the Unbreakable Vow? But did he have to do his best? Could they have found easier tasks, or some way around this? It would seem a terrible waste to lose Harry to a dragon, when Dumbledore knows he's supposed to bring the end to Voldemort. And wouldn't Voldemort be angry if Harry was killed against the dragon, never getting him to the graveyard.

I just don't think Jo has given us enough pieces to solve the puzzle. With thousands of people scouring her books, someone would solve it if she gave too many clues. I love this idea of looking at the story through Dumbledore's point of view, but I think his plans are one of the great mysteries of the series.

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